Saturday, November 15, 2008

Same Kind of Different As Me

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Before I tell you about this book, I want to tell you how I choose the books I read.

My most favorite literature to read is non fiction. Especially if it is a story of overcoming struggles. Here are a few examples of my favorite types of books:

The Little Britches Series
The Little House Series
The Diary of Anne Frank
Of Plymouth Plantation
A Midwife's Story

I also like non-fiction books that are instructional in nature.

Created To Be His Help Meet
The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands
Square Foot Gardening

Realistic fiction or historical fiction are also favorites.

The Williamsburg Novels
Understood Betsy
Jayber Crow

My least favorite type of literature to read is science fiction/fantasy.

If the story has any characters morphing into another form, or the words "space" or "trilogy" or "star" or "wars" in the title, I would pretty much rather jab myself in the eye with a red hot poker than read it.

Because, HELLO, have I mentioned that I am a mother of 7? I've got no time for make believe, people.

Besides, when I live with people like these, who needs to read science fiction? See what I mean?

I never enjoyed Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as a child because I just never could get past the confusion and the very unlikely chance that a rabbit would be wearing clothes and worrying over the time of day.

Charlotte's Web is more tolerable because the farm animals, although they can talk, at least show the good sense to do farm animal-ish things.

You can go ahead and mark me off of your list of Cyber Friends Who Are Remarkably Like Me. ~sniff~

And just so you know how much I love my son, here is the part where I tell you that I am in the process of reading The Lord of The Rings Trilogy aloud EVEN THOUGH that whole red hot poker scenario keeps running through my mind while I'm reading it and hoping for the phone to ring. (Someone, PLEASE call me!)

So, when my friend, Tonia, recommended that I read the nonfiction book, Same Kind of Different As Me, I immediately (and by that I mean 13 months later. HELLO...7 children!) took her up on it.


It has everything I love in a book. The triumph of the human spirit. Reliance on God. Overcoming difficulties.

It is the true story of a homeless man who was once a sharecropper in the rural south. After a lifetime of cruelty and injustice, he finds himself in Fort Worth, Texas, living on the streets. A wealthy couple meet him at the homeless shelter where they volunteer once a week and try their best to befriend him. He is, by this time in his life, suspicious of their motives, and does his best to drive them away.

It is an amazing story of what kindness can mean to someone. Of how we can glorify God and bless ourselves by blessing others. Of loving your neighbor, different as they may appear, as yourself.

Read it. You'll like it.


Pat's Place said...

I HAVE read it and LOVED it. Good recommendation! I like that kind of book also.

3 for school said...

Based on your review, I think I'll have to read this!

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Maggie said...

The Little House books are actually historical fiction, not non-fiction. A lot of what's in the books was taken from Laura's life, but she changed and left out a lot of things, too.

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