Friday, November 14, 2008

Eat More Fish!

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My 11 yr. old son gave me the idea for this week's Frugal Friday post.

He went fishing at the river near our house a couple of days ago and proudly came home with a big grin and 4 fish, enough to feed our whole family. He used chicken liver for bait.

I whipped up my famous hush puppies and french fries, and we had a delicious dinner for the nine of us reeeeeeal cheap.

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Jennifer said...

That is wonderful! We also live close to a lake, but have not been very successful in having the "time" to go fishing. I try being frugal by growing my own veggies, tho', so maybe a gold star? lol

Kara said...

That is too cool!! I wish our "lost creek" had some water in it to go fishing:)

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