Thursday, October 16, 2008

Portrait Results

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Remember when I blogged about getting our family portrait taken?

Lest you think I was exaggerating about the difficulty in getting 7 children to look angelic at the same time, here is photographic evidence of the situation.

In this first photo, we have the 8 year old (back row) apparently remembering the time our dog was run over by a car.

Here we have the 2 year old and the 4 year old (in the front row) who have conspired to make a break for it and flee the scene.

This is what happens when a 6 year old is distracted by her sister's determination to make her arms into a perfect rectangle. The baby is shocked!

This is the final product we chose. We actually paid cash money for this one. Notice that we finally gave up trying to get a smile from the 2 year old.


Pat's Place said...

Oh my! I remember those days! And it has not gotten any better. When my 4 boys are together now and we try to get a picture they revisit their childhood ways and are worse than ever! They are uncontrolable! Great effort though!

Lockwoods said...

Oh, those pics are sooo sweet. What a beautiful family!
Hey, guess what arrived in the mail this week? The Christmas Shoeboxes you sent! :) Now I get to listen to the little ones ask me "is it time to pass them out yet?" about 33 times a day :)

Holly said...

Those are GREAT pictures! :) Good job! (Oh, I dislike so much getting the dreaded family picture done. I will do almost anything to avoid it.)

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