Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On Our Move

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Several of you have asked about our move. When? Where? and Why? have been in the comments a few times, so I thought I'd fill in a few details.

My husband is presently the golf pro at our local small town country club, where he owns the golf shop. We have been here for six and a half years and have enjoyed pretty much everything a small town has to offer.

A couple of years after we got here, though, the country club dropped the health insurance plan for its employees, and my husband had to pay for private insurance.

We are not rich by any means, (unless you count blessings) so when I tell you that my husband was paying nearly $20,000 per year for health insurance, I hope you will know how much of a burden that has been for us.

On top of the high cost of the health plan, the coverage left a LOT to be desired. Basically, we end up paying $120 every time we go for a doctor's visit. That does not include shots, prescriptions, x-rays, etc.

Well baby checks are not covered. Maternity care is not covered.

Remember when MaddieLynn had an emergency appendectomy earlier this year? I was racked with guilt because I had hesitated to take her in, hoping it was just a stomach bug. I kept thinking about how much it would cost and how much we had just spent (and how much we still owed) on the birth of our brand new baby. When we finally decided that it was no ordinary stomach bug, her appendix had already turned gangrenous! (Multiply guilt by 100.)

Needless to say, our health insurance has been a constant source of concern and frustration. Because of that, my husband has been keeping his eyes and ears open for job opportunities that might alleviate that burden, and a few weeks ago he found out about a golf pro job that would do just that!

For several reasons, it was a long shot that he would even be considered for this particular job, so I wasn't holding my breath. As he was getting called back for interview after interview, though, I started to get excited about the possibilities.

This new job is just 1-2 hours from both sets of grandparents, pays for full health care coverage for the entire family, is less than a mile from a beautiful lake and a scenic river, and is run by a Christian family that we had attended church with when we had lived in that area before moving.

My husband's last day of work here will be October 17, Lord willing, so we will plan our move for that weekend.

As to the specifics about location, it is in a *quaint little town that is just a stone's throw from a very large metropolitan area where we have lots of friends, so we are tremendously excited about returning!

God has richly blessed us and supplied all our needs!


*If that is too vague I will happily be forthcoming with more details if you could prove in writing that you aren't actually a burly ex convict named Larry Rodriguez who is stalking Mommy Blogs for your next victim. Oh, sure. You say you are a stay at home mama of 4, but a girl can never be too careful.


Lainie said...

Is there really someone stalking Mommy Blogs or were you just kidding?

I think I'm gonna Google

Smockity Frocks said...

I was kidding! But I do feel nervous about putting specific information out there for everyone to see.

MamaJ said...

Hooray for you guys! Health insurance is such a big pain and a big plus. We have only paid $10 for the entire pregnancy this time! Needless to say, the married guys with children don't seem to ever leave the company, no matter how hectic the schedule.... I am happy for ya!

theresa said...

PTL!! How exciting!! It is sooo neat to see God in action. :o)

I always say I am in "southern MI" ... that's fairly broad, but gives my readers some geographic reference point.

Michelle said...

I'm not Larry, but I have a brother named Darryl (ooo, bad joke that no one probably gets). But I DO live in the DFW area, IF that is the big metropolitan area of which you speak. And I would LOVE to get together, you know, in "real" life. I have a small gaggle of girls (15,8,5,1 and who knows what this next one is ~ eh, probably a girl) myself and I know we would get along splendidly. Unless, of course, you're a neat freak, then my unorganized ways might drive you nuts-o!

I have a blog if you want to verify my real life existence. Please feel free to email privately as well!! Hope your move is stress-free, ice-free (hey, only in Texas), tornado-free and your children are happy, obedient little angels as I'm sure they will be.! ")

Jennifer said...

We are going to miss you guys! Kennan always talks about the "new neighbors" and wants to play and draw pictures for y'all all the time!!

This is a great opportunity for your family. If we are ever in "that area" we will have to look you up!

3 for school said...

I hear you on the health insurance thing. We have been 2 years without insurance on the family, and it's beginning to be mentally taxing. Good luck on your move!

Lockwoods said...

Well I live in Cd. Insurgentes, BCS Mexico...wanna come visit?
Thanks for filling us in on your move! I'm so very excited for you all! And I'll be praying as you pack, move, and settle back in.

Pat's Place said...

Sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you. I would LOVE it if our kids who live up that way were closer to us!

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