Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've Been Everywhere, Man...

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We just got back home from a whirlwind trip to visit both sets of grandparents in two different cities AND see our new house AND shop for a dining table that will actually accommodate our entire family, plus even a guest or two.

While we were getting out of Hogzilla to go into a furniture store, I noticed that the baby had produced a scatter poop of Olympic proportions. I told my husband to go on in with the rest of the kids and I would clean her up and be in momentarily.

Many minutes and 57 baby wipes later, I made it inside with the baby wearing nothing but a diaper.

Is there anything classier than going into a swanky furniture store with a near naked baby?

It was one of my proudest moments.

In less messy news, we were all excited to see our new home, which is less than 1/4 mile from the scenic Brazos River.

We got to visit with dear friends and family all along the way.

Here I am explaining how to play freeze tag to a friend.

Apparently, I felt the need to use jazz hands.

Here is the sleeping arrangement at Grammy's house.

And here is the way I felt after telling each girl thirteen times to be quiet and get your foot out of your sister's back.

Not really on that last one.


Ritsumei said...

Aren't kids created to keep it real for us? Sounds like a great trip.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you're myfriendconnie! Love ya to pieces!

Kara said...

Oh, your new house sounds like it will be so much fun! Little One has been on meds and it seems everytime we get out of the car I have the same problem...such fun:)

Pat's Place said...

Just wondered WHERE on the Brazos River you are moving??? And I know about those diapers. My son with a two year old calls them "explosions!"

Anonymous said...

The Brazos River? Where will you be? I'm in College Station. Drop by and say howdy!

Monique in TX

Amy said...

I love the expression on baby's face when you are explaining freeze tag. It looks like she doesn't have much faith in the friend catching on! :)

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