Monday, August 18, 2008

Rainy Day Thoughts

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It is still raining at our house.


Don't get me wrong. I am glad God sends the rain to water field and tree and cool us off and all the rest of that stuff I tell my children.

But... can a girl get a break? There have been seven children cooped up inside these four walls for going on four days now.

Extremely antsy children.

Because they realize that summer is quickly drawing to a close and the days of swimming and fishing and picnicking are fading into fall.

The rain is hindering us from enjoying these last few days outdoors before we start back in on our schooling schedule.

We have had coloring contests and movies and popcorn and Pack It All In and there are always the Olympics to watch. The thing is, I have just about run out of creative brain power to come up with any more interesting indoor activities.

And as a testament to our desperation for something to do, here is a conversation that just took place.

8 yr. old: "Mommy, tell me to draw a scene from any type of habitat and I will draw it."

Me: "Okay, draw a desert scene."

8 yr. old: (disappointed)"Oh... I wanted you to say a forest."

Me: "Alright, draw a forest scene."

8 yr. old: (Skipping off) "OKAY!"


Pat's Place said...

Bless you! I remember those days with only 4 boys cooped up in the house on rainy days. Now we are in a severe drought and the promised rains have not moved our way. Please send us some!

Meanwhile, have you tried "camping out" in the house with blanket tents, sack lunches, bedrolls, flashlights to read by, etc? That worked for a while.

Kara said...

Hilarious! It's not raining at our house yet, want to come over? Oh...and I think we may be in your town on Thursday, I'll let you know!!

Anonymous said...

Is it a cold rain? If not, send them outside in their bathing suits and set the timer.
They'll be jumping in the puddles when it stops, anyway!
When we lived in AK, I bundled them up and let them out for 5 minutes, no matter how cold it was. I set the timer and then called them in. They were so happy and more content after that.

Anonymous said...

I was going to mention the blanket forts too! My boys built one in our basement last week and played it in for three straight days. They even slept in it one night.
It's great to see their imaginations are still working!!

Julie P

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