Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lupe Don't Know Daddy!

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A while back, our MaddieLynn was in the bathroom at church and one of the girls in the youth group asked her if she was going to the upcoming lock in. She replied that no she wasn't because her daddy wouldn't like her to. The girl then said that she would talk her daddy into it. MaddieLynn told us later that she didn't say anything at the time, but she was thinking, "You don't know Daddy!"

We all got a kick out of her response and went around for a while saying, "You don't know Daddy!" whenever we thought it was appropriate.

We have now modified that little saying and this is why.

When we decided to get internet service, my husband called the cable company on a Friday afternoon and a service man came out that same day to install it. He worked well past dinner time getting us hooked up and we appreciated it very much and told him so.

It so happened, and I can't remember the reason, that the big, black cable was stretched across the floor from one side of our den to the other in order for the cable to extend from the outlet to the computer. We told the cable guy that we would have it fixed another day since we knew he was anxious to end his work day and we so appreciated him coming out right away like he did.

He told us that we wouldn't be charged for any additional work, since that work would be part of the initial installation.

Well, time passed, and since I am the type that doesn't like to let things go undone, it may have been a year and a half that the cable lay on the floor like that. What?! I was busy, okay?

I finally decided to call the cable company to get the installation completed because I am very concerned about my home looking like the cover of House Beautiful (cough).

On our next cable bill, though, I noticed that we had been charged for another installation fee. I called the phone number on the bill and landed on the line with one Lupe. (pronounced "Loopy")

I told her all about the cable guy coming out on his way home from work and the big, black cable stretching across our floor and how we finally got around to calling to schedule the work to be finished. I told her that we wouldn't need to pay the installation fee because if she checked our records she would see that we had already paid it way back when it was originally installed.

She responded with a very sarcastic, "You are telling me that you left it undone for over a year?" I told her that, yes, I was embarrassed to say it had been that long, but we finally got the installation completed.

"I find it hard to believe that the story you are telling me actually happened." She said. I told her it may be hard to believe, but that is the way it happened. "Ma'am," she said, "No one would leave a cord stretching across their floor like that. You may as well accept the fact that you will be paying this fee."

We went back and forth for a while with her insisting rather rudely that my story was unbelievable and the charges on my bill were NOT going to be dropped, and me telling her that we would not be in favor of paying two charges for the same service, especially when we were told there would be no additional charge.

I finally gave up and called my husband to tell him about our conversation and how Lupe was not going to be moved to change her mind. He told me that he would take care of it and promptly hung up from me to call the owner of the cable company.

He told the owner all about our story and all about how we had appreciated so much the prompt service we got on that late Friday afternoon. Then he told him how rude Lupe was to me. He said that his wife was not a liar and didn't appreciate me being called one.

I don't know what else was said, but a little while later my phone rang and Lupe herself was on the line. She issued me a very curt apology and informed me that the charge would be dropped from our bill.

Ever since that day, we are fond of saying, "Lupe don't know Daddy!" whenever my husband has to step in to achieve justice.


MamaJ said...

I love it!!! That's hilarious!! I can totally see a cable line crossing our floor for a year...or more....

Kara said...

I'm grinning from ear to ear, good for you and hubby on getting justice! These things drive me crazy and I swear good customer service is pretty much non-exsistant these days. I better stop now before I get on my soapbox...and I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that gets busy and lets thing go a little longer then planned;)

Brenda said...

Good for him! Isn't it great to have him to fall back on?

Sileena said...

Hilarious! We actually have a term with a story that started when my little brother was about 8. He's now 25 and his legacy has been passed down to his neices. The term? She gave it her best Freddy look.

Denise said...

Well, Lupe knows Daddy NOW, that's for sure!
Obviously Lupe is not a blessed person - because, personally, I know that I can get busy in the day-to-day dealing with and managing and organizing and teaching and feeding and cleaning of my blessings that months will fly by in the bat of an eye. And in the grand scheme of things, when something is in one spot for more than a week, it's a fixture and therefore to be worked around - not dealt with! Right? I know you know what I mean ;-)

Thank you for starting my day with a chuckle and a smile.

Lyn said...

ROTFLOL!!! All I got to say is...go Daddy!

Denise said...

How funny!!! I know who that Lupe is, and I can totally see you and her going head to head! I agree that customer service has gone by the wayside. I bet they have re-written their contracts to include the "Connie Clause" that says all ORIGINAL service must be done within one week!! I am so laughing picturing the Dad telling her "My wife does not lie, and I don't appreciate you calling her a liar!" It also makes me laugh seeing that cord strung across your the other Denise said, it just becomes a fixture and you just don't see things like that after a while. You learn to just step OVER it after tripping on it 15 times. No big deal! So did they actually come take care of it yet??

Smockity Frocks said...

Denise, Uhhhhh...please don't tell Lupe about this post! She sounded like she could take me down! (Yes, they took care of the cable.)

Holly said...

Go, Daddy! :)

(It would be on our floor for a year, too....)

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