Friday, May 2, 2008

Who Can Leap Dangling Participles In a Single Bound?

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I'll bet y'all didn't know that I have super blogging powers. That's right. Nikki gave me this award, so it must be true.

And for the record, I have no idea whether my participles dangle or not. I certainly hope they don't, because, frankly it sounds extremely uncomfortable. Not to mention quite unladylike.

And if there's anything I am, it is ladylike and anyone who says different can do a whole extra page of long division problems, you hear me, kids?

In any case, I would like to pass this award on to Holly at Seeking Faithfulness and Jaynee at The Lockwoods. Both of these ladies are super at making me want to be a better Mama. They both share so many super tips on home keeping and child rearing, all the while with super sweet attitudes. That makes them super in my book!

And finally, I'd like to present The Super Blogger Award to Harmony and Junk Male at Thou and Thou Only. They do a super job at making their blog look fabulous while keeping it updated with interesting discussions.

Thanks, Nikki, for honoring me with this super award!


Harmony said...

Aww, Connie, you shouldn't have. I'm blushing. So does this make us the Dynamic Duo? ;-)

Smockity Frocks said...

If the capes fit...

Holly said...

Connie! Thank you so much!

Should I admit that I scarcely know what a participle is?

YOU are SUPER Blogger. You encourage me! So does that Jaynee girl. What wonderful women. :)

Lockwoods said...

Aawww...thank you Connie...that is so very thoughtful and sweet :)
I don't really know anything about blog awards...don't even know that much about blogging. But I do know that any "superness" I have, I owe to the Lord who's not only saved me and taught me so much through His Word, but brought along people like you who've encouraged me and from whom I've been able to learn so much. Thank you for being a super blessing to me :)

JunkMale said...

Thanks Connie :D

I like the way we've modified our blog appearance, but I didn't think anyone else thought it was fabulous(!) My current short-term goal is to finally put a nice header that somehow sums up what we're about. It would also be nice if people couldn't tell it was a Blogger blog. That is still pretty obvious (to me anyways).

Now people are going to be coming to our blog wondering what this fantabulistic looking blog is...I better get on the ball..

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