Friday, May 2, 2008

Chocolate Covered Mint Leaves

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We have mint growing in our backyard. Don't ask me what kind. It was already there when we moved in 6 years ago, and since that stuff is apparently extremely hardy, we still have it.

Understand that by "extremely hardy" I mean it won't die even when no one waters it or tenderly cultivates the soil, and it comes back year after year, even when it is accidentally mowed or trampled by children playing at Indian wars. I heard it will even survive a nuclear holocaust.

Actually, I didn't hear that, but I suspect it's true.

Anyway, we like to put the fragrant, fresh tasting leaves to good use. After rinsing them well, (remember the trampling?) we put them in our iced tea and lemonade.

The kids even make their own "mint tea" by adding them to cups of water and stirring in a spoonful of sugar.

Our favorite thing to do with them, though, is make chocolate covered mint leaves. After they have dried from the careful rinsing (there's that trampling factor, again) we just dip them in some melted chocolate chips and lay them on wax paper to dry.

We put the extras in the freezer and pull them out to impress company by garnishing desserts with them.

Here is some interesting information on mint and here are some recipes that use fresh mint.

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ymwife said...

Cool! Gloria and I were trying to decide whether to grow some mint or not so maybe we will end up doing so. Hope everyone is feeling well and no one else is sick. :)

momof4sweetsisters said...

Wow! We can't wait to try this. We've been dehydratiing it and putting in netting and "vintage" teacups to give as gifts and sell.
This sounds like fun! Ours is spearmint, by the way. It makes great ice tea.

Holly said...

okay, that is really neat. I've never thought of the chocolate thing.

We have peppermint...

Kara said...

Great idea with chocolate! Tomorrow is Derby Day so we'll be making Mint Juleps with ours, which really isn't my favorite but a tradition netherless:)

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