Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Don't Heart Baby Socks!

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The theme for this week's "Works For Me Wednesday" is: What DOESN'T Work For Me.

After 7 babies, I have decided that socks on babies do NOT work for me. I don't mean toddlers. I mean newborns whose feet won't be touching the ground for another few months. I can't count the number of times I have had someone tap me on the shoulder to hand me a shoe, with the sock still inside, that has fallen off of one of my babies. There is something about the shape of a baby's foot that seems to repel socks!

I have tried all styles, and each time I think, "Okay, these are the ones! The ones that will defy the laws of gravity and stay on the baby's feet." But, no matter what style I choose, they will NOT stay on.

That's why I like to avoid socks altogether. During cold weather, I like one piece outfits like this or this. And aren't these adorable?

If the baby is tiny during the warm weather months, I like to use onesies like this or this.

Of course, I doll them up and put adorable little socks and shoes on my sweeties when I take them to church.

Where they fall right off.

That's why baby socks DON'T work for me. Check out Rocks In My Dryer to see what doesn't work for others.


Capturing Today said...

Amen! I agree with you completely. I didn't do socks or shoes on my little ones until they were walking well. I read that they actually learn to walk better anyway when their little toes can feel the floor. So the first shoes we went to were Robeez soft soled - I love them!

Rocks In My Dryer said...

ME TOO. Although, I will say that I learned (on my last child) that Old Navy socks sort of stay on. Sort of.

Shari Ellen said...

Oh yes. I understand this. Plus, my kids would always pull off their socks or suck on them. I love looking at those cute little baby toes.

Amanda said...

I always threatened to staple them on. LOL! I don't know if all babies have warm feet anyway but even my baby born in January never had cold feet. Of course, we're in AZ but it DOES get cold here at times.

And WHY do baby socks have non-skid tread on them anyway? Do the newborns really get moving that fast?

Anne said...

I so totally agree! Only at church is the baby wearing socks and shoes, and we always leave one under the pew or in the parking lot.

When we had our first baby out one day and all dolled up, a stranger stopped us and said, 'Oh, she must be your first! She's wearing shoes!'

Anonymous said...

I don't love baby socks either. Except for the little bootie style ones from Carters. THOSE stay on!

And I love love love Robeez! The incredible shoes that stay on, which means the socks stay on! :D

Phyllis Sommer said...

i agree with you. footie pajamas are the way to go. someone once suggested tights also, which do work well, and i have had luck with babylegs plus socks plus robeez, but my latest baby coudl actually get all of that off...lovely. cold toes it is!

The Estrogen Files said...

Agreed. Baby socks = wasted money. That said, their feet always look so COLD, tiny and vulnerable...

Lockwoods said...

Walmart- December 2007- purchased 3 pairs of socks for upcoming little Eliseo

Hospital- April 2007- Eliseo makes his arrival and dons a pair of new blue socks

My bedroom- May 2007- Upon carefully going through our mismatched sock basket, I find that we have only 1 lonely baby sock left.

Good Advice Connie!

Linds said...

I so know what you mean! I have a 6 month old and we're dealing with this issue at the moment. A friend lent me some from Kohls and these have stayed on all day!

Marie said...

I agree, babies just don't NEED socks. I never end up using them. I got a guide in the mail the other day for new moms of "essential items" and it made me LOL with all the useless junk they insist is necessary. They said 12 pairs of socks!!! Yeah right!

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