Saturday, February 9, 2008

Praising God in Adversity

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Sweet little Ashley Kate is very sick again. Her whole family sure could use all of our prayers. Here is what her mother has to say:

This morning I was asked," Why do you believe in a loving, kind, and compassionate God? If He is so good then why is this happening? I just don't believe it. I have a hard time with that one."All I could say is that I don't believe He "did" this to Ash. I can't believe that. I tried to explain why I have the faith that I have. It was so difficult to share my faith during that moment because I don't understand all of this either. I just know what I know, and if God chose to receive our Ashley last night then I would have still believed. With a brokeness I never want to experience I would have gotten up today and still believed He is righteous, and good, and loving, and kind.

Go on over to read what is going on. Then hug each one of your children and say a prayer of thanksgiving for your blessings.


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