Monday, February 18, 2008

A Cute Book

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What Do Parents Do? (When you're not home)

This is a cute little book we found at the library. Our kids especially enjoyed it because we sometimes tell them that after they go to bed we blow up balloons and eat cookie dough and drink kool aid and have a party in the club house in the back yard.

This book shows the parents jumping on the bed and throwing socks onto the ceiling fan. We all got a kick out of it.


Nikki said...

Good review. That's so funny that you tell your kids those things. I wouldn't be surprised if later in life when they have kids of their own, they admit they thought you really did do those things. hehe. I'll check our library for this book.

Nikki said...

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Kara said...

Cute idea for a book. Eat cookie dough and drink kool-aid ehh, sounds like we need to try that:)

The Estrogen Files said...

Sadly, our library doesn't carry this one! I'll have to look for it elsewhere. Thanks for the recommend!

Edi said...

Thanks for the recommendation...I went ahead and put it on hold at our library.

My kids are always wanting to stay up later - though I don't know what they think they are missing out on. Maybe this book will tell them :)

jubilee said...

Kool-Aid?! Cookie Dough?! Why haven't I thought of that?! Party at Smockity Frocks, everyone! BG
Seriously, my kids think they are missing out too. Can't convince them that if they did stay up they'd be bored!

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