Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Smockity's Law

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In the spirit of Murphy's Law, here is "Smockity's Law":

On the morning you decide you will begin your new, rigorous homeschool schedule because all of the holidays, and weddings, and company have come and gone, the entire contents of the toilet tank will leak out onto the floor exceeding the bounds of the tile, thoroughly soaking the carpet.

And don't forget about piano lessons.

And the baby just had a Scatter Poop.

And the dog just threw up.

Actually, that last part is completely fabricated, but I figured something like that is bound to happen at some point today, so I'm just leaving it in.


Lora Lynn said...

ew. just ew.

Thehotrod5 said...

LOL it IS just bound to happen. I just can't figure out how we have been back in school for 3 weeks but yet we are already 3 days "behind" my own schedule LOL


Holly said...

And the van won't start after you've worked for one hour to get everyone ready to go (changed the baby, nursed the baby, changed the baby again, found the toddler's mittens, changed the toddler's blow out diaper, found the 3 and five year old's mittens....and loaded everyone up and buckled them in, and collected the 3 items you need to return before you go grocery shopping....)

I did not make that up. It just happened.


Kara said...

Oh yes, that Smockity's law happens around here quite often. I've determined it is brought on by a night of little sleep...that way my nerves are good and fried before anything even happens!

JunkMale said...

Better the dog throwing up than a kid though, right? I mean, unless you have a big huge dog that barfs in similar quantities as small children. Luckily we have a small dog, which means small puddles of barf whenever she does.

Periodically, she'll save us the effort of cleaning it up too!

The Correspondent said...

I'm sorry for your difficulties, but I'm glad you posted this. It's good to know I'm not the only one with days like this.

Jenn said...

where is the wikipedia clicky thingy for "scatter poop"?

Anonymous said...

I swear that Murphy's Law is attracted to me like a fly on stink!! : )

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God bless you and yours,
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