Monday, January 14, 2008

Gone Fishin'

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Monday is my husband's day off, so we plan our family activities around that day. Today the weather here is fairly mild for this time of year with just a bit of wind and a slight chill in the air, so my husband planned a fishing trip.

We considered all going, as we usually do, but decided in the end that it is still a bit chilly to have the baby outdoors for an extended time. Hubby decided to take the oldest four and I stayed home with the youngest three.

They have been gone for about an hour and I have been reminded several times of this truth about having children ages three and under: GOOD GRAVY THIS GIG IS TOUGH!!

I would much rather have them all here because the oldest ones are such a big help to me. I normally sit around all day smoking cigarettes and watching Jerry Springer and hollering at them to do my bidding*, but I'll tell ya what, doing it all myself is hard work!

I am the only one here today who can pour milk, and wipe up milk, and change diapers, and answer the phone, and find shoes, and read books aloud, and hold the baby, and apply band aids, and wipe hineys, and on and on it goes.

I thought for a half a second about going to the post office to mail an apron, but quickly changed my mind after the baby was crying to be nursed while the toddler was crying from falling out of her chair and the 3 yr. old was loudly and urgently reporting from the bathroom, "I GOED POO POO!! PLEASE WIPE ME!!"

All I am saying is I'm thinking of all of you mommies who do this everyday! You have a tough job, but keep your chin up! You are doing something very important and a time is coming very soon when you will have some invaluable help from those little ones you are rearing right now.

*I am kidding! I don't smoke!


Lora Lynn said...

Thanks for the hope. Let me tell ya, this Mommy of four three and under wishes that ANY vice, smoking, coffee, chocolate, etc. would make this job easier. But it doesn't. Well, chocolate helps some. But I'm pretty sure it's just by the grace of God that we survive every day.

Shannon said...

I don't smoke either. :)
But I have been tempted to take up caffine on those days like you are having today. When the kids see me guzzling tea or making a cup of coffee (which I almost never do) they ask, "Are you tryin to stay awake mom?"

Lene said...

Oh - that is so funny! I was just wondering today if you were feeling overwhelmed with the new baby. I felt so overwhelmed for the 1st year with #2 and I was wondering if it's always that hard when you add one or if it got easier the more you have, esp. as some of them get old enough to help. I hope you have a good rest of the day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts - I enjoy reading your blog.

Pat's Place said...

I remember those days with 4 at home. I seemed to have zoned out during that period of my life. I don't remember how I did it and cannot imagine it now! Mine did become nice adults with kids of their own now.

Holly said...

Big Smile.

You know...I know this doesn't help YOU, but it helps me to know that I'm not alone. :)

It IS so much harder with the bigs gone, isn't it? Wowzers.

And folks, you realize that Connie is saying that she watches Jerry Springer and bosses the kids around....she just doesn't smoke! :)

Love to you - Connie!

Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

Okay, Holly, you're on to me! And I might as well be perfectly honest and say that I don't smoke cigarettes. Smoke has been known to come out of my ears, though.

Michelle said...

Oh girl, you made me laugh out loud today! Especially the "I goed poo poo" part. Nearly wet myself. Thanks for the laugh in your hour of need! :)

Jenn said...

marlboro woman, i mean er, uh,


six is easier than three? is that what you are trying to tell me?

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