Thursday, January 17, 2008

Meet Bumjo

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Bumjo is a critter created by Piccolina. Basically, he is a yellow-eared, pink faced, short legged, big headed, small bodied, long armed, Arthur.


(I studied adjectives today.)

Here is a Bumjo story, also created by Piccolina.

One day Bumjo was drawing a picture when he had an idea. He went outside to play and saw a bird in a nest with eggs. So he climbed up the tree and the bird flew away. He got some of the bird's eggs and he brought them inside in a warm blankie. He took care of them until they all hatched and then he let them go and they flew into the tree and landed in it safely. Then he went back and he noticed that someone was in his house. So he looked around and he found a dog, so he looked around for the dog's owner. He found the dog's owner and gave him his dog back. And then he walked all the way home, and by the time he got there it was night time. So he made a tent with the covers to his bed. He put his monkey pillow in there, and then his monkey blanket, and then the dog came back and its owner said he could keep it. He took very good care of it.

The End


Nikki said...

Very cute story and picture. She should have it published. Seriously.

Nikki said...

I just read this story to my oldest two (6 yr. old and 4 yr. old). They thought it was very good and asked me to read it again.

MaddieLynn said...

Aaawww, thanks, Nikki! You are so sweet! Will you email me your address? MaddieLynn wants to mail you one of her horse drawings for being the closest guesser on Emelyn's birth date - and - the bestest, A #1, most loyal, complimentary commenter here!

Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

That was me up there!

MearBear said...

Hello! That is a very cute story and an adorable drawing! Please tell Piccallena I said so.

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