Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Indispensable Baby Equipment

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I was inspired by this post from Holly at Seeking Faithfulness to re-evaluate what equipment is absolutely indispensable in caring for a newborn. Check out her post and make sure to read the comments to see what others say.

In her post, she suggests that the only equipment a newborn really needs is a carseat. Forget the exersaucer, and the bouncy seat, and the baby swing. They just take up space in our already crowded home, and the baby is just sitting in them, as she would in her carseat.

The only baby equipment I am using right now is a cradle for her to sleep in, a carseat for her to sit in, and a sling for carrying her around when I need my hands free.

What "Works For Me" this week is eliminating excess baby equipment. Click on the link to see what is working for others.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree that there are too many unnecessary clutter being forced on consumers. Some may be very convenient, but most are not in the least necessary. We found our bassinet/stroller combo to be our most used item (and car seat of course since it's even required by law).

Rebecca said...

I love your site. Congratulations on your new daughter.

Edi said...

I was always glad when my kids outgrew some large, awkward piece of baby equipment - so I could get it out of our lives! We have a small house - so we can't store things we are not using.

One time recently we had overnight visitors with a baby. I could not believe all the stuff they brought into the house!

My biggest baby equipment space saver was using one of those bathtub foam things... you just lay the baby right on top of in inside a regular bathtub - no need for a huge, plastic - where do I put this when not in use - baby bathtub.

Nikki said...

I read that post as well and very much enjoyed it. It led me to another post about wraps/slings-- which I also enjoyed.

I have a walker that I hate because it's so big and the babies never like to be in it anyway. So, I'm finally selling it. I don't even like their "floor toys" because they're big and used for such a small amount of time.

I have also had guests that have brought everything from the playpen, johnny jump-up thing, portable high-chair and more! The hassle isn't worth the "convenience."

So, good tip. May others wise up too.

Phyllis Sommer said...

i totally agree -- and i agree that the sling was completely indispensible. i also have a small house and i'm constantly trying to get rid of things that take up a lot of room!!

Anonymous said...

What sling do you recommend?
I completely agree with your post, this is my third child (appearing Mid-March) and it has been quite a few years between this and my last, and I was SO glad to get rid of all that stuff.

But, I have all kinds of offers from people from loving/well-meaning people who want to NOW give me all that stuff. Need to figure out how to say NO - with love :D


Holly said...

Aw, thanks Connie. I wish I had realized this several children ago. Some of the things are "nice," and "cute,"...but in a smaller dwelling with lots of children, there just isn't loads of extra space. I always was frustrated because I stored these items in between babies, then would drag them out with the new baby, he/she didn't really want to be in them for more than five minutes anyway, the car seat rocks just as well as a bouncy if you set it beside your chair and rock it with your foot...and we kept tripping all of the equipment that the baby outgrew SO quickly!!!!

I also second the person who mentioned the baby bathtub. I've probably had FIVE of them over the years. I kept buying them at garage sales (for like, a buck,) then getting rid of them because they take up so much space. (I am SUCH a slow learner! Sheesh!)

Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

My sling is called "Koala Sling" from Prince Lionheart. I'm not even sure they are made any more. I got it several years ago. There is a link on Holly's post and some comments about wraps, slings, and baby carriers that are liked for different reasons. Be sure to check those out.

Laane said...

I didn't use more than you.

Couldn't in our house with 4 toddlers and twinbabies.

Congratulations with your beautiful new little one. Adorable!!!

Feel welcome to visit "works for me" at my blog

Laane on the World

Have a great day!!!

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