Saturday, November 3, 2007


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We finally figured out how to take videos with our digital camera! This is a video of Molly, but it's kind of shaky because it's only the third one we've ever taken with the camera. (The first one was about 5 seconds long and I can't remember what it had in it. The second one was 37 seconds long, but it was dark.) It also doesn't have any sound, but that's all right because I was blabbering nonsense while I was taking the video. Oh, and just ignore any junk that might happen to be in the background and imagine that we live in a sparkling clean house. ;-)

Molly does that snaking thing a lot but this is the first time I've ever gotten a video of it. No, she doesn't have a broken leg or dislocated hip. I think that's just the way she stretches.

P.S. I decided to do my posts in a different color and font so you can tell them apart from Mymomconnie's.


Harmony said...

How cute. :)

- Linz - said...

That's so cute. Addie does that same thing too but I've always called it "her army crawl." :)

Holly said...

My poodle did that when I was a child! So cute!

jenIG said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh CUTE!

JunkMale said...

I can't ever remember my old toy poodle doing that. She had plenty of other funny things though. Whenever someone would be scratching her tummy and stopped, she'd do the pawing thing that Molly does in the video...until you started again.

BTW, we also have videos of our bichon/poodle puppy on our blog, if you haven't seen them.

rachel said...

Our dog does the exact same thing! One can only wonder why! We have a four year old lahsa poo.

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