Friday, November 2, 2007

Google Searches

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Sometimes I check out what Google searches have brought people to my blog. Here are some of the more interesting ones I have come across:

"Heather Locklear" - I can only imagine your disappointment. All I have to say is I'm really sorry.

"Squishing snails with bare feet"- Stop it. Right now. I mean it. You're making
MaddieLynn cry.

"Men in frocks"- Get help. Please.

"Monkey party"- This is the most popular search so far. If you blog it, they will come.

"I don't care if it hairlips the governor"- Mom? Is that you?

"What can I do when I'm babysitting a 4 year old and it's raining"- I feel for you. Really, I do. Rainy days and Curtain Climbers can make me feel desperate, myself.

"High end children's clothing"- If by "high end" you mean clothes that come from garage sales on the north side of town, then you have come to the right place!

**Posted by Myfriendconnie, not MaddieLynn.


Holly said...

Okay. You are too funny. :) Thanks for the smile. This cranky pregnant lady appreciates humor. :)

I promise not to use "Heather Locklear" in my google search to find you again.


Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

Actually, Holly, I was just thinking that Heather and I do have quite a few things in common.

1. We both have hair.
2. On our heads.
3. We both speak.
4. English.

Okay, well, that's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure there are tons more.

- Linz - said...

hey, how do you do that?? (check out your google searches)

Jenn said...

yeah, how do you do that???

Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

I have Stat Counter and it tells what site people come from to get to my blog. It also tells lots of other cool stuff, like how long they stay, which posts they read.

Thehotrod5 said...

Thats cool Connie! Which Stat counter do you use? My certainly doesn't do all that :(


Don't forget november is Nation Adoption Awareness month! Step over to and see how you can help!

- Linz - said...

Ohh. I think I used to have that too. Thanks

Holly said...

Doesn't Heather L. have 6 children, also? :) I'm sure of it, AND, she makes gingham aprons TOO!

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