Sunday, October 21, 2007

An Important Warning!

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If you take all six of your kids to the public library and check out fifty plus books, DO NOT, under any circumstances, allow your son to put over half of the books on his library card without your knowledge. Because if you do, then when it is about time for the books to be due, and you call to recheck them because you need more time to read so many books, you will only recheck the books on your card, letting the books on his card become overdue, and you just might end up owing the library $36.


Liz said...

Hey Connie,

Try out it will track multiple accounts for you. Ask me how I know this site is useful!!! Elizabeth

Jennifer Meachem said...

guuuuurrrrrrrrl.... i have DONE that except it was dvd's!!! how would you like a $185 bill due from the LIBRARY??? nope you did not misread that, $185!!!! in late fees for before i noticed! two weeks, $185. TWO WEEKS!!!!

needless to say, we DO NOT rent dvd's from the library anymore
AND more than half of them were scratched and could not be watched!

stacey said...

please tell me you didn't really let them charge you and that a librarian is smart enough to go back and check the dates to allow the mistake?!!!

Julie P said...

We are now down to using only ONE library card for the entire family. It's just easier that way.
Our library even sends e-mail reminders when things need to be returned or if they are late. It has helped tremendously since we had our $28.00 fine for overdue books/movies.
I totally feel for you right now!

Lora Lynn said...

$36? Puh-lease. That is small potatoes. My DOG ran up a 260 dollar bill at the library by eating some out of print books.

and then I had twins...

They ran up a 200 dollar bill by using their library books as toilet paper while potty training.

Count yourself lucky, my friend. Very lucky.

Nikki said...

I am very fortunate. The library on base does not issue fines. They issue nasty grams to the commander of my husband's squadron. Luckily that's only happened once and that time it was a glitch and not actually our fault.

Holly said...

Oh no.

Now you have to sell another apron to pay the bill!

- Linz - said...

ouch...from personal experience i know that our library charges 50 cents a day per video. :(

i have to go see about the damage all my overdue books have accrued.
i'll let you know...

Thehotrod5 said...

Ok so now I don't feel so bad! I always get embarrassed when I have to walk into the library and pay a *uh oh* here SHE comes again lol...I just wrote out yet ANOTHER $40 check to the library 2 weeks back for overdue books/dvd's (our library charges $1 per day for dvd's). Also a lesson NOT let anyone else check out on your card no matter how close you are....$10 of that last fee was not even from our family. No, Really, I do fine racking up fines on my own...I don't ned anyone elses help! LOL

purebillow said...

Yikes! Do appeals for mercy not work? When I owed $12, one nice young fella at our library mentioned they can lower the fines to $10 as long as everything is returned. He became my new favorite library assistant! But I have not accrued any new fines since I began using The Bookmobile (if you're wondering, see it here: It parks just about half a mile down the road from us for four hours every other Thursday. I can request books online and they deliver them! Books checked out at the library can also be returned via the bookmobile. Convenient, huh? Now if they'd only come door to door and hunt down all the books hiding in couches, under beds and occasionally in kitchen cabinets, I'd really have it made! Best wishes to you during your bedrest!

HsKubes said...

oh dear, lol. Thank you for the warning.

~ Christina

~Java Mama~ said...

Or even worse... if you check out over 25 books and forget the due date and end up with a late charge of over 80 dollars!! Oh, what a waste of money... think of how many books I could have bought for my own personal library.

JOYfully in Him,

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