Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sleep Aid

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My husband brought our 1 year old into the bed with us during the middle of the night, which is not our usual practice. He said she had been crying off and on all night, so he felt like she wasn't feeling well and maybe she needed our comfort.

I hadn't noticed any of it because I was so tired. I guess I had been sleeping soundly through all of the fussing.

Anyway, did you know that alternately kicking one's mother in the back and rolling around on her hair is a soothing sleep aid?

For the baby.

For the mom? Not so much.


Sherilyn said...

I have SO been there! The little angel crawls in bed with you and promptly falls sound asleep, while somehow keeping Mommy awake by kicking and, yes, rolling on her hair! But somehow, Daddy sleeps right through it. Ah, the joy . . .

Holly said...

Indeed. No so much.

Once in awhile, I will try to lay down to give my poor achin' body some relief, and the one year old thinks it is his opportunity to climb upon me, straddle my belly and hip (I'm on my side) and bounce up and down like he's riding a horsey. Not so much fun for a really pregnant mom. :)

Nikki said...

My children in my bed are like heat-seeking missiles. It doesn't matter how big my bed is or if I'm all the way over to the very edge, they are right up against me. And unfortunately, my oldest (5 1/2) has found the need to come to our bed every single night (save one) since a week before the baby was born (who is now 4 months old). My hubby takes him back repeatedly. Oftentimes, we wake in the middle of the night and he's already in the bed with us sound asleep. And those are the times we are too tired to send him away. What to do? What to do?

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