Thursday, September 27, 2007

Free Notebooks

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In this post about children in church, I mentioned that I give each of my children a little notebook for taking notes during the sermon.

Instead of buying new notebooks for everyone, I remembered that a lady at church had "rescued" 15 or so of those little week-at-a-glance calendars from a bank that was about to throw them out. She offered them to me, and I took them, thinking that I would surely find a use for them, even if it meant just letting the kids use them for doodle pads.

Since they are about half the size of a check book, I can easily fit 6 of them in my purse, and they ended up being perfect for the note taking I had in mind. We just ignore the dates and use them as we would a regular notebook.

You can't beat free, and they're functional to boot!

Check out Biblical Womanhood for more great frugal tips.


stacey said...

a great follow-up suggestion!

come over and receive your friday fuzzy!!

Mary Ann said...

Great use for something that would otherwise end up in the trash!

Nikki said...

Very smart. My kids love to write or color on anything we'll let them. We even let them color on insurance statements, junk mail, etc. before we shred them.

Kara said...

I meant to tell you I tried this in church last week and it was wonderful. Only problem was that Em was so intent on the words she never sang when it was time! I told her she didn't have to tally mark the words in the songs and she immediatly began singing again:)

Amy D said...

Freebies like this are great! I can't imagine ever throwing such a thing away. :)
I loved your suggestions for kids learning in church. I have always known that when mine are old enough I will have them take notes, but I hadn't thought of getting them to do a simple version at a younger age. I've never liked the idea of making sermon-time play-time and basically giving him permission to 'tune out'. (even though that is what we currently do every Sunday) I may be trying this soon! said...

This is a great idea. Some insurance agencies use these small calendars as well.

Thank you.

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