Friday, August 24, 2007

My Burly Man

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My husband is a big, burly man of 6 feet 5 inches tall. He is manly and strong and opinionated. He has a head full of thick hair that he has me keep in a burr cut so he will never have to brush it.

He can catch all these with his bare hands.

(Okay, he did use a pole.)

And he can do this so we can have them for dinner.
Just look at those hands. Manly, I tell you!

He is a stud on the golf course, too. He has been photographed for newspaper stories holding shiny trophies and big cardboard checks.

All of which makes me smile when I think of what he did just a few days ago.

Before I tell you that, though, you need a little background info. First of all, I am a nap lover. I seem to feel better if I can have a little snooze in the afternoon, and ever since we have had children they have always had a one hour rest time. They go to their beds and may read silently or nap if they want, but they know they are not to make any noise or get out of their beds under threat of severe punishment. They can get up after exactly one hour and you'd be amazed how quickly they learn to tell time this way. I usually take myself a nice refreshing siesta and all is well for the rest of the day.

Whenever I am pregnant, I NEED these naps to even function, because I get so exhausted during the day. I once read,long ago, that a pregnant woman at rest is expending as much energy as a non-pregnant woman would expend mountain climbing! It seems unlikely that it would be true, but that hasn't stopped me from using that bit of information to my advantage. My husband will often ask me how the mountain climbing went that day.

So, a few days ago when the phone rang at about 1:30 in the afternoon, well, I completely ignored it because, you know, the whole siesta scenario from above was taking place. Then, a few seconds later my cell phone rang and I saw that it was my husband calling from work. I immediately thought that it must be some urgent emergency situation, because, after all he KNOWS about the mountain climbing.

When I answered it, trying not to sound too groggy, this is the conversation that took place:

Me: What is it? Is everything okay?

Him: Yeah, fine. I was just wondering if you read BooMama today.

Me: :::silent blinking:::

Him: 'Cause it was really funny.

Me: :::more silent blinking:::

So there you have it. My burly man reads girly blogs.


the burly man said...

Thank you for exposing my more feminine side to the world, Any moment now I expect a can of Milwaukee's best beer to come crashing down on me. But seriously, pooter machine? That's funny right there, I don't care who you are that's funny.

Kara said...

I think that is great! What BooMama said and that your hubby read it. I'm just sorry I wasn't around to receive a sample of that yummy fish you cooked up:)

MaddieLynn said...

Oh, by the way, I was just wonderin' if y'all knew that he has Smockity Frocks filed under GRILLS on his favorites at his work. (He thinks no one will know that he reads frilly blogs.)

Holly said...

Okay. That is very, very funny.

Welcome to blogland, Connie's husband. We all expect comments on our own blogs now. :)

My husband reads some, too....but....he won't admit it. :)

MamaJ said...

Oh, that is so very funny. My husband heard me cracking up one night while reading through your posts, Connie. So, he came in asking what-in-the-world-are-you-reading? Next thing I knew, he was hovering, reading girly blogs over my shoulder for a good half hour... Hmmm...

BooMama said...

This made me smile so big.

Oh yes it did.

Sonya said...

Don't tell your hubby but I totally laughed at this one! Too cute!

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