Friday, August 24, 2007

Accepting Gifts

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Whenever our family is asked if we could use some used something or another we always try to respond with a positive, "Sure! We'll give it a look over and see if we can put it to use."

This response has caused friends and acquaintances to think of us whenever they might have something that they don't need. Just last week, we were offered a big box of almost new little girl's clothes and a sweet widow lady from church invited us to pick as many apples as we could from the tree in her back yard.

We have gotten 3 bicycles, a tricycle, a Big Wheel, lots of clothes, and food leftover from large gatherings on more than one occasion. If we are given something we truly don't need, then we pass it along to someone who might use it.

If people know you are happy to receive gifts, even if they are used, they may offer them to you more freely than if you decline.

Go to Biblical Womanhood for more frugal tips.


Nikki said...

This explains why people continue to give us things. And we of course, have been more than grateful and more than blessed!

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