Monday, July 16, 2007

A Visit, Revisited

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I had a lovely, wonderful, and all around outstanding time with my friend. We talked and laughed a lot, shared recipes and helpful tips, and worked side by side in the kitchen. The big boys spent hours building a fort from sticks and branches in the back yard and playing with The Bubba's potato cannon. At one point, my heart swelled with pride as I overheard two twelve year old girls discussing which sippy cups are least likely to leak and which ones will crack when thrown from a high chair.

Finally, in answer to the questions that I know have plagued you about this photo, I have compiled a list of answers.

1. Yes, my children do, in fact, have shoes. I sometimes force them to put them on. But only in public. My front yard is not public.

2. Yes, there should always be at least one nose picker in every group photo.

3. No, the people with goofy expressions are not trying to ruin the photo. Their contorted mouths are a result of compliance with the photographer's request to say "cheese". Apparently, there were only two conscientious people (ahem) who felt compelled to actually comply.

4. Yes, I am aware that an orange stripey shirt and pink capri pants don't match. I only require my children to match in public. See #1 above.

5. Why, yes, that is one of my handy dandy aprons I have on. Thank you for asking. (Am I the only one humming "Delta Dawn" right now?)


Dana said...

I enjoyed your post...and great picture. Better captions. : )

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