Monday, July 16, 2007

Odds and Ends 2

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We're going here today, but we're not just going to fish. We have permission to pick wild plums and take them home! There are also mulberries there, but they might be over ripe now. We're not sure.

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The Mr. Stinker Mike dog (that's him up there) thinks that he is a monkey and also a doctor. He is convinced that Molly must first be groomed and then have her ears removed. He also seems to like eating leaves and bark and then throwing up on beds.

The Mrs. Stinker Molly has so far run away THREE TIMES in the space of a week, and she doesn't seem to care what sort of punishment she gets or how fast some people drive down the street. Both of the dogs also bark at squirrels about 20 times a day.


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