Saturday, June 30, 2007

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I saw this story on my MSN homepage this morning, but by shortly before noon it had disappeared. I googled it though and found it again.

It turns out that a 76 year old woman in Utah was banned from riding the city bus there because she was harassing large families by advising the mothers to get on birth control! She says she was only trying to "help" and that she thought these women may not know about birth control. (She must get around because I think I have run into her a couple of times at WalMart.)

Hmmmmm. Not know about birth control? Don't they pass the stuff out for free in public schools now days? If not, I'm sure it is part of the curriculum to discuss the many options for enjoying promiscuous behavior without any consequences.

It is amazing to me the freedom with which people give unwanted advice. The worst part of this story was reading the comment section which was filled with support for the woman's views. There were even some who suggested that laws should be enacted that would prohibit having "too many children". If that doesn't scare you, then you should read up on what is happening in China where there are FORCED abortions.

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Harmony said...

Blegh. People routinely say things that not only are unsolicited, but that are hurtful.

I will never understand the desire some people feel to poke their heads into other people's families. Let's see some of those women live in a place like China for a few years and see if they still want forced abortions/sterilizations. But then again, they might not mind -- and that's the saddest part of all. :(

Nikki said...

A law prohibiting large families?! It's not like I'm having them and not taking care of them. I know our Father in Heaven is pleased that he is able to send children to a good home like yours instead of a less than desirable situation. I have received many tsk tsks and whisperings lately. Not while visiting Utah though. There are lots of big families here. :)
There are a lot of other things we could make laws about that are of much more importance.

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