Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another Contest! Win a Prize!

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We finally got our dream car, a 2006 15 passenger van!!

What's that you say? It's too bad we got it the day after we returned from our extremely crowded trip half way across the country? Well, since I'm a glass half full type of gal, I'm just going to ignore that. Let's just agree not to bring it up again. Mkay?

Anyway, we need help naming it. What? You don't name your vehicles? Weird!

Our Suburban was called Big Pig. (Don't ask.) We would call out, "Everyone get in Big Pig!" and the kids would all pile in.

So, our new car is big and white, and we've been calling it "The Church Van", but my idea, which I stole from Barbara Curtis, is to call it "The BMW" for Big Mamma Wagon. The kids don't like that, though, and they think "Pretzel" (after the Margaret Rey story of the very long dachshund) is a good name.

Alrighty then.

This is where you come in. Do any of you have suggestions on what we can call our new car? This is important stuff, people. If we can't come to a consensus soon, we'll resort to calling it "The Bus", and well, that seems kind of ordinary, and if there's anything we are NOT, and I suspect you already know this, it is ordinary.

Please, leave any suggestions in the comment box, and we'll pick a winner soon. MaddieLynn has made an absolutely adorable little kid sized apron that we will send to the winner. (Click on the photo to enlarge.) Anyone can enter. Tell your friends!


Danielle said...

I am trying not to be covetous of your van (kinda sad isn't it, you can tell I'm a mom)! How bout "Marshmallow"? It's sweet and yummy and who wouldn't want to ride in a giant marshmallow?

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back and had a good time on your trip! The girls came up with the Hughe's Limo or The OWL for Our White Limo:)


Myfriendconnie said...

Karaaaaa!! We would love it if you put a picture of the girls on our guest book. Look down there\/

Michele said...


White van + soon to be family of 9= Cloud 9!

I really enjoy your blog!


Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Sticking with the farm animal theme you could always go with Big Sheep. Or how about Bertha (unless that is the name of some one you know, of course)?

Anonymous said...

We called our old van "The Mother Ship", as in "Beam us up to the Mother Ship." Our present van doesn't have a name--hmmm, we need to work on that!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I guess I should introduce myself--the anon. comment above is from Kelly in SC.

Anonymous said...

The French have a breed of cattle that are huge, white and long-bodied, and they're called Charolais (pronounced sharrowlay)which I think kind of sounds like a classy vehicle...


Angela said...

YOGI (for yogurt or the bear)
MOBY (the great white whale)

They are nice and short, like a nickname, which is helpful since you will be saying it a lot!

Congratulations on the new van!

Angela said...

I can't stop...hurry and pick a winner before I think of something else. ;)


Rebecca R. said...

Cute apron! The van sounds like our dream vehicle of the future.

How about "UFO" for "Unlimited Family Occupancy" or "Unforgettable Family Outings" or "Unbelievably Full Object" . . . the "Great White Whale" . . . "Polar Bear Express" . . . "Dreamhicle" . . . "Lumbering Limo" . . . the "Blimp" . . . "Incorrigible Dirigible" . . . the "Abominable Snowvan" . . .guess that's it for now . . . I need to go get some sleep as I am sure you can tell by my goofy entries!

Julie P said...

Someone already mentioned it, but I was going to say "Cloud 9" also. I think it would fit great!!

Fun! Fun!

Sheila said...

How about the "Bigger Pig"? Ha ha.
We have a gray, 12-passenger van for our small family of 7. 'Never thought about naming it. Our Suburban was just the truck. I tend to still tell the kids to get into the truck. People at church call it the Schrauben bus. :)

Nikki said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's suggestions. But may I say to the marshmallow suggestion, when we were fairly newly married we used to have a little white Ford Festiva that looked kinda marshmallow shaped. So that's what we called it, "The Marshmallow." And then one day it was toasted and never worked again--leaving us to re-learn bike riding for a full month. It was doomed from the start and destined to be sticky like marshmallows.

Present day: The kids named our van Velma because it starts with "V" like van. Not so thrilling, I know. Now I'm inspired to rename it.

I love Big Pig though. Maybe you could name it Big Pig the Second. Too long though. I dunno. Good luck. I look forward to reading more entries from others!

tonia said...

The Joy Bus

Angela said...

Here's one more:) :


Annette said...


Mud tree (after pooh's honey tree which my boy insists is a mud tree)

Quinn mobeel

Holly said...

Oh man. I am so UNWITTY right now. No good. No good.

You've got lots of good suggestions. They took some of mine. (Pout.)

We have a big white 15 pass. van, too. Never named it. Wonder why not??? The boys named my husband's rusty ol' pick up truck Fabio - like some GQ model or something. That cracked me up!

How 'bout The Fridge? (Not to catchy, though.) I still like BMW.

Holly said...


sara - The Estrogen Files said...

I like Bigger Pig, too.

My kids have this toy semi they love to play with, load with dolls and dinosaurs, and they call it "Pop Tarts" because that's the side logo. Wonder when they'll recognize the similarities between it and our van? Not much relevance to you, but funny to me!

Sharlene said...

How about White Duck
or Varoom - my boys would go for a name like that if we named vehicles. I name a lot of other things around the house, but we have never named vehicles.

deezie said...

Is it a boy or girl van??? how about King V if its a boy or Queen V if its a girl, or Princess V. V, for Van? well I like some of the others, everyone came up with good ones. Good luck with the new van

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