Friday, May 11, 2007

Washing Machine Woes: An Update

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You can find out all about the beginnings of my washing machine woes here.

This post is to inform you that if you call the toll free customer satisfaction number for an appliance and tell them in a trembly voice that you are a desperate, do you hear me desperate, mother of 6 children who love to play in dirt, and that you can not possibly wait 10 days to have your washer repaired unless they are willing to take responsibility for children going around town wearing filthy clothes, and I'm talking a small town, so people will talk, then, miraculously the customer satisfaction worker will find a way to squeeze you in sooner than expected.

Also, when they tell you that no, there is no need for you to wait at home all day because they will be glad to call you on your cell phone before they come by, don't believe it, because if you do, then you might dash out of the house for just an hour, constantly checking your cell phone, which has not been ringing, and when you get home there will be a note on your door that says they are sorry they missed you and will you please call to reschedule an appointment.

I just thought you might like to know that.


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