Friday, May 11, 2007

Washing Machine Woes: Part III

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Click on the links for Part I and Part II.

Well, I convinced the customer satisfaction people that unless they wanted to hear a grown woman throw a wall-eyed fit, and as my mother used to say, I don't care if it hair-lips the governor, the service man should turn right around and trot right back to my house to fix my washer, which I have withheld until now, is brand new!!

That's right, less than one month ago, my sweet husband bought me the newest, largest capacity washer on the market, which would be wonderful if it, you know, actually worked.

So, the service guy does trot back to my house and works on the washer for about half an hour installing a new part that will supposedly solve all my problems.


Do you see where this is going?

I started a load as soon as he said it was all fixed, and you know what happened, don't you? It filled with water and stopped working. Just like before. Of course, the service guy was already gone by the time the machine stopped.

So, I get the customer satisfaction department back on the phone, because clearly, I am n-o-t satisfied. They kindly agree to deliver a new machine, and they will call us sometime within the next 72 hours to set up a delivery date.

That means I will be staring at my brand new washer without having used it for over a week. If this new machine doesn't perform any better (which I'm nervous about since reading some scary on line reviews) I will be naming names. Then, the tens of you who read this blog every day can join me in boycotting bad washers.

I think I'll go ahead with my wall-eyed fit now.


Kimbrah said...

This series of posts almost makes me feel thankful for our apartment laundry room that has 2 washers/2 dryers to share with 30 units. It costs $1 for the washer and $.75 to dry, breaks down on occasion, the coins jam on occasion, you can't do a separate spin or rinse cycle (which I need for my cloth diapers) and you never know what kind of detergent residue (or other residue) might be lurking in the washer due to your neighbor's washing habits. But I am grateful to have at least that. My prayers are with you guys. It sounds really frustrating.

Anonymous said...

If it's a MN, my mom had TONS of problems with her's. It would stop like that. She would have to manually push start for each cycle of the wash. The repairman came out half a dozen times and finally fixed it. So sorry for your issues. Have you a laundrymat close by?

Anonymous said...

If its a front loader I reccomend you ask for a top loader. They seem to be nothing but problems!

Myfriendconnie said...

This is a top loader. I hope a new machine will solve our problems. I am a little concerned, because of the similarities I see in some complaints that are posted on line, that there are some flaws in the design.

We'll see.

Bethanie said...

I can just about guess the company. But, I'll let you "name the name". I hope it works out for you.

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