Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Snaily Sale

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Today I'm going to have a snail sale at 3:00. I made 2 snail cages to sell for $2.00 each. I'm going to sell the snails for 25 cents each. (No, these aren't my own pet snails.) Here's the story of how I got them:

Once there was a girl about 12 years old who loved snails. She decided to ask the kind lady who lived 2 houses over if she could pick snails off of her irises, which just happened to grow the most and prettiest snails around. And it came to pass that the lady said that the girl might pick snails if she did not break the flowers and it also came to pass that the girl picked 43 snails off of this nice lady's flowers. But alas, 3 were hurt so the girl let them go and one died and so the girl only had 39 to sell. And the girl did type a brown garden snail information page to give away for free to any new snail owners and did print out 5 copies of the paper. But it came to pass that after the paper was printed the girl remembered that she had forgotten to do spell check on the paper, and so, thinking what a good blog story it would be if she had to discard five sheets of printed paper, she shrunk down the window in which she was typing a blog post about the snaily sale having obtained permission from her mother to make a post on her blog. But alas, the girl did not get her good story, for it came to pass that she had made no spelling mistakes and so she went back to typing the blog post and began to wish that she did not know how to spell. And then it came to pass that the girl couldn't think of anything else to type and so she ended her story.

Note: This story is really true.



Nikki said...

Hehe. I love how you wrote your story. I recall commenting to my parents as a young teen using "And it came to pass" or "And then she hardened her heart."

Despite being snaily, it was fun. Good luck on your sale!

The Crandalls said...

I have to tell my little girl about you. She is a snail lover as well. She has labeled herself a bug doctor and she enjoys finding hurt bugs and helping them to heal. Her claim to fame is the beetle that she saved from some ants that were trying to eat it. I'm going to have to share your snaily blog posts with her, she will love them.

MaddieLynn said...

And then it came to pass that even though the kind mailman gave the girl a dollar, she did not sell snails to anyone. Not anyone. (Except her sisters, and that didn't count.)

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