Monday, April 30, 2007

Recipe For Hyperactivity

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1 rainy, cold day
50 balloons
Lots of streamers
Tons of tape
Chocolate icing to lick
Presents to wrap
43 candles to search for
6 children waiting to surprise Daddy

Stir well and simmer all day indoors. Add popped balloons and tears to taste. Best served with frenzied excitement.


Denise said...

Hmmm . . . .
Is it Daddy's birthday? Sounds like LOTS of fun! Is there a race to see who gets to hug daddy first? :-)

Myfriendconnie said...

The race happens every day, birthday or not.

myfriendconnieshusband said...

My birthday was on the 25th and I should have suspected something was up when I pulled in the driveway and was not engulfed by a swarm of children reaching out for hugs. My mind must have still been at work for I opened the front door and had just began to enter the house when a chorus of Surprise!, Happy Birthday, and excited squealing nearly knocked me back outside. As I made my way through a jungle of streamers and a minefield of ballons many tiny and not so tiny hands reached out to pat, stroke, or hug me. Many presents were offered some handmade, some carefully chosen, all of which have a special place in any parents heart. The greatest gift by far was the unbridled joy, the unconditional love with which I'm greeted every day when I get home from whereever I've been. That set me to thinking, when was the last time I greeted my Heavenly Father with such love and adoration? It made me thankful for a wife wise enough to sacrifice one day of schooling for a much more important lesson. It made me thankful for a wife who chooses to talk of me in glowing terms so my children think I'm the greatest man in the world. It made me resolve to live up to that ideal. It made me thankful for homeschooling and the lessons taught and learned on a daily basis by both parents and children. That set me to thinking...... maybe that was the purpose in it all.

Nikki said...

Fun post, and awesome comment by your hubby. Happy belated Birthday!

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