Saturday, March 10, 2007

If you don't like snails, then DON'T READ THIS POST!

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UPDATED: Scroll to the bottom for updates!

I hope you paid attention to the warning!

Mhmmmhma mhmamhmh. Sorry. I had a mouth full of freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. Did I ever tell you how wonderful chocolate chip cookies are? Especially freshly baked ones.... Never mind. We're supposed to be talking about snails.

I have been wanting to get one of those ten-gallon fish tanks from Wal-Mart to keep snails in. But the only problem was that it had no lid and the other only problem is that it costs $20 and the last only problem is that I didn't have that much to spend. And that's really the last problem. Anyway, at a garage sale today I got a hermit crab cage. The lady said $4.00 for the cage and everything in it yesterday. Today I asked her if I could have only the cage for $1.70, and guess what. She gave me the cage and also threw in the 3 hermit crab shells, a piece of sponge, a water dish, and the bedding that was in the cage. Now it is home to 2 snails whose names are....something and something. Here is a link to keeping pet snails, and here are pictures.

The Snail's House

This is Something,

And this is Something Else.

Can y'all please help me name them, and their home too? Leave a comment with a name, making sure to tell which one you're giving a name for (Something, Something Else, or their house) and you might have named a snail or a snail house staying in the backyard of the very famous and highly honored blog author, Mymomconnie. You can leave up to 1 name per object. I'll tell which names I like best on Tuesday, March 13. Just to be clear, there is no actual prize to be won.

UPDATED: I have a new snail!! It (he, she,) is slightly smaller than the others and somewhat darker. His unofficial name is I Don't Know.


P.S. Meredith, oh, Meredith, you might enjoy this contest!


lulubell said...

Cute! (JUst don't bring them around me! haha) At the moment, I'm drawing a blank for any snail or snail habitat names but good luck. See you at church. :)

deezie said...

How adorable your new pets are I have a name for (Something)
How about Snickers
oh anything food related are great names I think:)
good luck naming your new pets

MaddieLynn said...

Hey, I kind of like that name!

mearbear said...

Hi,Maddie! I think a some cute names would be Squiggle and Wiggle. You could call their house Snail Paridise. Is that spelled right? See ya!

Sara said...

Are these just garden snails, or did you buy them somewhere?

MaddieLynn said...


I just found them. I'm not sure what kind they are, but believe it or not, they don't eat our garden! (We have polite snails.) Alright, the reason they don't eat our garden is because they have plenty to eat in the flower bed.

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