Thursday, March 8, 2007

Feeding Forty Frugally

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A friend recently asked me for some suggestions for feeding lunch to a crowd of about 40 teens once a week. (Hi, Lindsey!) The meals need to be frugal, as well as easy to prepare and clean up. As of now, they have been serving lots of pizza and spaghetti.

Here are a few of my ideas:

*Hot dogs served with chili, shredded cheddar, and condiments
*Sloppy Joes (Make your own sauce,) and homemade fries (cheaper than chips)
*Pancakes served with bacon (2 pieces per person)
*Chicken Spaghetti (See my recipe here.)
*Mexican Mess (Some people call this Mexican Stack or Mexican Pile On. Our version is a lot like Frito Pie.)

Do any of you have other suggestions? Do tell!


Nikki said...

Potatoes with chili on top. Potatoes are cheap, beans are cheap. Teens like to eat.

Nikki said...

Chili and homemade bread.

lulubell said...

Hey Connie, its Lindsey! We've done sloppy joes once but I hadn't thought about fries (prolly 'cause we have so many leftover bags of chips!) or pancakes! I LOVE Pancakes!! We had Mexican Pile On last Thurs and another great success. We've done chili a lot too with the cold weather. Thanks for the new ideas and chicken spaghetti recipe! :)

Myfriendconnie said...

Thanks, Nikki! You can't get much cheaper than dry beans, can you? My family makes a meal of beans and cornbread at least once a month.

LINDSEEEEEEEEY!!!! I'm so glad you commented. I'm still thinking and hopefully we'll get some more suggestions in the comments.

Revee said...

I recently went to a wedding where the 100+ guests were served a dinner of chicken and rice with black beans on the side. It was really good, very easy, and very inexpensive.

Heather said...

We enjoyed 'Walking Tacos' for the first time at a homeschool convention. A small bag of fritos was opened and a scoop of chili placed in the bag. Shredded cheese and other 'chili toppings' were available self serve. They charged us $1 per walking taco and said they were making about 1/2 in profit. The chili wasn't really meaty, but it was fun for the kids, tasty and super easy clean up for sure!

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