Friday, February 16, 2007

Any Comments?

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A couple of days ago, I got a very lengthy, obscene, and blasphemous comment. (Can I just say that some people have waaaay too much time on their hands?) Because of that, I enabled my comment moderation. I noticed that, after I enabled it, I wasn't getting any comments, so, just for kicks, I left myself one, something along the lines of "You are soooooo insightful and charming! Now get in there and clean up that kitchen!"

Anyway, I didn't get the comment!! So that got me thinking that there are probably...tens pairs of you out there trying desperately to submit a very pertinent comment, and it is not reaching me.

So, here's a request: If you left a comment that didn't get posted, will you try again? If you didn't, will you fake it and leave one anyway?


craftymama said...

Have a lovely day.

Nikki said...

I did leave you a comment on your post "Girls, Dolls, and Innocence" after you had enabled comment moderation. It too was very lengthy and opinionated, but not blasphemous or obscene. I agreed with you about the horrible Barbies and Bratz influences and how I loved baby dolls as a young girl and appreciate the importance of them. I think I also went on to say something about hypocritical parents who think it's okay to dress their infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in short skirts, dresses, & shorts, and midriff exposing shirts and that it's not okay for their older children. I think it's not okay for any age and confuses the older children. I had an older man (in his sixties I think) ogling my three year in a very disturbing way. She was dressed in a below the knee-length dress and sleeves down to her wrists and thick tights and shoes at the time. It was obvious that he had issues. He just stood their in the food court at the mall, four or five feet from our table, while we ate our food, staring at her. I thought maybe he was going to say she reminded him of his granddaughter or something or comment on how cute she was. But no, it was very disturbing. It makes me ill to think of what these particular people may think of more scantily clad children.

Myfriendconnie said...

Craftymama, Thanks for commenting!

Nikki, I'm sorry I didn't get your first comment. I hate to see sweet little children dressed like the latest teen idol, too.

Revee said...

Hi Connie, I've had problems with comments showing up on my blog over the past couple of days so it may be a system wide problem. Sorry that someone left an unkind comment. Have a good weekend!

Sandy said...

Oh, I hate that! I've received some yucky junk too, even with word verification. I decided against comment moderation though- I just like immediate gratification :-). It took me an astoundingly long time to figure out that I have the power to delete comments I don't want... but you probably already knew that :-)

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