Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Smockity Cooks: Homemade Country Gravy

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Have you ever made homemade country gravy? I used to be intimidated to make it. I tried a couple of times, but it always turned out lumpy and tasteless.

Then I resorted to buying those packets of gravy mix, but I always wanted to learn how to make it for myself. I did a little research and, after many trials and errors, finally perfected my method!

Here is a step by step video of how to make perfect homemade country gravy, from beginning to end. Also, see my Fried Chicken Coating recipe.

In case you were wondering, the interrupter was trying to wear this top with a black and red plaid skirt to church.

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Anonymous said...

When are you going to post your fried fish recipe? Yum!


Nicki said...

Yum! That's the same way I make it, like my Mom taught me.

So what time is dinner?

And what was your daughter trying to wear to church?

And I love the spilled gravy on the stove. SO not Food Network!

Brenda said...

I already knew how to make gravy, but I just had to watch b/c I love your instructional videos. :) I like watching you multi-task.

Brenda said...

OK--now I have a question. Did you have time to clean up that supper before church? Did you do it after? Is it still there this morning. I hate cooking anything complicated before church b/c I usually don't have time to clean the kitchen before we are running out the door. I have to say, I would never fry chicken, etc on a Wednesday night. Please tell me your secret if you managed to serve that AND clean up.

Smockity Frocks said...

Nicki, I wish I would have gotten a shot of what she wanted to wear to church! It was a red and black plaid skirt with a pink and yellow floral tank top!!! She be color bookin'!

Brenda, Thanks for outing me! Yes, the gravy is still on the stove this morning!!! We did a quick clean up before church and I intended to do the rest when we got home, but it was after 10, and I was exhausted, so the pans still need scrubbing!

Tina said...

Mmm, I love making gravy! I figured out the process a few years ago, on Thanksgiving no less! And I haven't purchased one of those gravy packets since! Oh and yes I do the bacon grease with my green beans...I think it may be a southern secret that hasn't caught on yet;)

JenT said...

Thanks for posting this! I have tried and tried to make gravy from scratch and it never turns out. I, too, resorted to the packages for a while. I'll have to try this since my very favorite breakfast is biscuits and gravy! A good ole Southern dish!

Harmony said...

You know, even though I'm a Southern girl, I am not really a fan of white gravy. My grandmothers - both Southern, although coastal South and not Deep South - always served brown gravy with meals, so that's what I'm used to. But the process is basically the same, just with pan drippings or stock instead of milk.

Brenda said...

Ok good. I feel better. Wednesday nights are bad for my kitchen...that's all I'm sayin'.

Kara said...

I've always been frightened of gravy, I let Scott make it:) But maybe now I'll try.
And I so miss running across the street to see the Smockity household, but the video makes me feel like we're almost there!

The Happy Housewife said...

Love the tutorial Connie! Great job, so impressed you made it without a whisk.

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