Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Questions Answered

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When I asked for reader questions a while back, you guys really came through! I will be posting the answers in a series of posts.

Make sure to read Part 1 if you missed it the first time.

Lynley at Save the Phillips asks: "What is your daily schedule like? I want to know how you fit in home schooling, blogging, and life in one day."

I have posted what our schedule looks like in this "Scheduling Chores" post. You'll find a video there showing our schedule and a couple of links to more posts on scheduling.  We are very flexible with the schedule and constantly revising it so that it suits our changing needs. It is rare that I get everything done in a day that needs doing. "A woman's work is never done," is a very true statement! I just try my best to work toward the goal.

I do a lot of blogging in the evenings when the children are in bed and my husband is watching television. No specific schedule, though.

Jaynee at The Lockwoods asks: "Since my children all already have passports, can I come visit you? Can we have a big slumber party? Can we have lots of candy on hand too?"

Oh my word! I would LOVE a visit from you and your big ol' family, Jaynee! We have no problem with lots of guests and wall to wall children. And I am pro candy, so bring it on!  Wouldn't that be great fun?

Rachel asks: "When you have your evening out with one of your children, do you set limits on how far you will drive to the restaurant or stores? How much they get to spend? Do they spend their own money if they want something or do you buy them something?"

We don't have any specific limits, but we have had to deny requests. One daughter wanted to go to The American Girl Store, which was A) far away, and B) expensive, so we said no.  For the activity, like bowling or the dinner out, we pay, but it the child wants to buy something special, they must bring their own money. When I went window shopping with one girl, she hadn't brought her money, so she didn't get to buy any trinkets.

This concludes Part 2 of the Smockity Q & A. Thank you for your questions, and be sure to check back for future installments.

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The Lockwood Family said...

Furlough- Fall 2011- I LOVE wall to wall children...and candy! I can't wait! :)

rachel said...

thanks! This is helpful.

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