Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Love Homemade Clorox Sanitizing Spray!

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You know what I am loving this week?

This homemade Clorox Sanitizing Spray.

We have one flu victim at Smockity Central, and we are trying to be diligent to spray doorknobs, handles and other surfaces to hopefully contain the sickness.

The doctor reminded me that his staff stays well by lots of hand washing and sanitizing, even though they come into contact with hundreds of sick people each week.

The homemade Clorox Sanitizing Spray only costs cents to make and is effective in eliminating germs.

Go ahead and try making some yourself!

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Kara said...

I understand! I was going to do a similar post as I found myself santitizing everything in our house the other morning. I did go out and buy some clorox wipes too just so I could have some in each room. Hope your flu victim gets well soon, we were all put on Tamiflu and so far so good:)

thediaperdiaries said...

Yeah, I have a Lysol wipes addiction that I need to break. This sounds like a much more economical solution. I agree with you though, we are sanitizing the heck out of this place!!

Blommom said...

My parents used to own a store and as a result encouraged my to spend my extra pennies to buy Clorox brand bleach. Sometimes the other brands sit on the shelf so long that they lose some of their effectiveness.
Thanks for the tips!

*Mirage* said...

I don't really sanitize. Well, I do make use of Clorox wipes in public restrooms and on shopping cart handles but I don't sanitize at home. My husband did recently come home with a nifty bottle of hydrogen peroxide that has a sprayer top. I've just been spraying at the mildew in the bathtub with it. And the dark roots in my hair. Whoops did I just admit that? Hehe. If I WERE a sanitizer type person I think I would just use the spray bottle of peroxide. Gotta love cheap and nontoxic! :)

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