Sunday, August 9, 2009

Time For Q & A

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You know how some of the big name blogs have question and answer sessions where readers send in the questions and the blogger wisely answers them?

Well, I thought I'd do the opposite of that here and ask you some things that have been burning a hole in my thoughts lately. Chime in if you have the answers.

  1. How come no one needs to go potty at home, but as soon as you enter Walmart, at least 3 people need to go? Why? WHY?

  2. Why do people assume that if you have a different opinion from them on a topic, then you must just not be as informed as they are and then they use many and multitudinous words to help you to become as educated as they are, and when you STILL hold your differing opinion, well then, they assume you are just plain dumb?

  3. Why do dogs chase cars?

  4. Why does being for the new and innovative mean you are smart, but being for tried and true mean you are dumb?

  5. Why do people change?

  6. What's so great about change?

  7. Do you have any spare change?

  8. Why is it that people who lose their keys 'most every day are SURPRISED when they lose their keys?

  9. Why can't someone create a glue stick with an attached lid?

  10. Why do kids always lose the lids to the glue sticks?

  11. What up w/ chat speak? Srsly.

  12. Why did Billy Joe McAlister jump off the Tallahachie Bridge?

  13. Why must some people suffer so?

  14. What questions keep you up at night?


Brenda said...

Why is the family of the person who always loses their keys surprised when that person again loses their keys? And upset? I mean, they ALWAYS find them, right?

Harmony said...

1. Because the car ride is bumpy. ;-)

Phillips Family said...

Why do my children always manage to spill the cup containing milk but never the one containing simply water?

Lene said...

Funny, funny!!

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

"Why is it that people who lose their keys 'most every day are SURPRISED when they lose their keys?" me on this one, we just are. Trust me. Day in and day out...the worst is when I do at work...

Mary said...

Why- after a week of eating junk food- am I suprised that I have not lost an amazing 10 pounds?
Mary with the unupdated blog

Valerie said...

I hate it when I have to google everything someone is saying because I don't understand chat speak, and I am just 27!!!!!!!! I should be up with this cool tech stuff right? right?

Lisa said...

Why is it that babies will eat food off the floor but not the exact same food that was on their plate??

Rhonda said...

The Bill Jo McAlister issue, has been on my mind for years! Seems I saw a movie...hmmm, yes Robbie Benson played Billy Jo - that movie STILL haunts me to this day.
This is getting too deep LOL (the only chat speak I use!)

Anne Alagna said...

Why are the lids to glue sticks either glued on or missing?

I hear my voice when I think, sometimes combined with verbage and pictorals. What do deaf people hear when they think? Do they hear anything? If you have never heard speach, what do your thoughts look/sound like?

Bonnie said...

Why did you have to put that song in my head? It will be there all night now. By the way, love your blog. Big time fan. First time commenter.

Amy said...

For REAL on the whole glue stick / lid thing.

Why is it my kids are STARVING and want to eat RIGHT now.... until something better (like a friend showing up at the door) comes along??

Michal Ann said...

Where are the car keys? In the LAST place you look! WHY? Because you STOP LOOKING when you find them! It finally occurred to me that this is true for all lost stuff! I sure find a lot of other missing things when I'm rushing around pleading "WHY CAN'T I FIND THE KEYS?!" Now, I have a bracelet on the keys and try to remember keep them on my wrist as I run around at the last minute or I hang them on the doorknob which wouldn't work if you have small kids around, obviously. I also have a spare key in my wallet because I sometimes keep them "safely" locked IN the car :( I also have a key hidden under the bumper in a magnetic holder. One can't be too careful!!

My question? My pastor is going to tackle it Sunday. "What is the difference between I Cor 13 love (keeping no record of wrongs, bearing all things, believing all things, hoping all things...) and sick co-dependent enmeshment?" If you want the "answer"~~immichalATyahoo.

In the Light, Michal

~Brenda said...


Why do all three of my children accidentally call me Dad?

I'm mom! Ok? Just get that straight right now.


Sarah Stone said...

re 5&6 on change,

weeeelll I think it's all about whether the change is for the better or for the worst.

If you're talking about long term relationships, with kids particularly, then I think we all begin to take each other for granted and let our guards down showing our 'real' selves and hence appear to change but really we're just 'settling' and may be need a wake up call, hey we all want to feel appreciated - yes even 'Daddies' :)

Positive change, well I think I've done a fair bit of that since my twins were born 6 years ago. Since then I've gone from being:- - very shy to pretty confident,
- a biker to fairly girly
- a laid back 'let it happen' kind of gal, to a very proactive entrpreneur type lady (well nearly on the lady bit lol!)
- a untidy, unorganised type to being pretty good at keeping a tidy house, work life and home life,
- a 'I've had the same hair style since I was 16' and never wear makeup as it's too girly, to someone who's had their colours done, realised I look fab with the right makeup on and have had a perm!!!

So this change has all been fabulous! :)

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