Monday, August 17, 2009

Squirrel Vacation Picture

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Have you seen the squirrel vacation picture that is going around?

A vacationing couple set their camera on a time delay so they could get a scenic shot and a curious squirrel darted into the frame just in time to be captured in the picture.

The couple has become quite well known, thanks to that little fella, and even appeared on the Today Show with Matt Lauer.

The funny thing is THAT SAME THING happened to me at the Fourth of July parade a few weeks ago.

Little Dude gets around!


Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

Thanks Connie! You always make me laugh. Hysterical.

Kara said...


heather@it'stwinsanity said...

Too funny!

Amy said...

Well whooda thunk it??? Let us know when you'll be on the Today show. :)

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa said...

Sorry, I had to delete my last post due to a typo (I used to be a teacher so I can't stand spelling mistakes). Anyway, my original comment (with corrections) was:

"I know I can always come by Smockityville for a good laugh. Thank you! Lisa"

Aren't you glad I reposted that rivetting comment. Did I spell rivetting correctly?

Robin in New Jersey said...

If you head on over to you can read about that photo. I saw a post about it there today.

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