Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Half Price Notebook Paper

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Have you noticed that Walmart has the 70 page spiral notebooks on sale for fifteen cents? FIFTEEN CENTS, people!


That is less than half the price, per page, of the loose leaf notebook paper!

I tend to get excited about the occasional sale item, and when that is combined with the smell and feel of new school supplies, well, you can call me down right giddy.

The spiral pages are perforated to easily tear out, if needed, but the best feature of these notebooks is that all the pages are contained. There are no loose papers waiting to be put into folders because they are already in a folder.

I have written before about my love for spiral notebooks. In our homeschool, every student uses a different color notebook for each subject. All work is done in the notebook and we don't have to worry about filing loose papers.

Since they are so cheap right now, and since the pages easily and neatly tear out, I didn't even bother with buying any loose leaf paper this year. I may or may not have loaded up with 50-ish or so of those spirals, though.

And the cashier may or may not have asked me if I was running a school.


Christi said...

I was at office depot and they had art drawing paper notebooks clearances at $1.44 so I picked up three (I have a smaller family).

The lady at the checkout line said "Oh do you like to draw?" The look on her face when I said "no not really" was funny. She looked completely confused until I said "we homeschool and it will be used for that."

Jennifer said...

My kids go to public school, so they have very specific lists of supplies they need. However, I often buy extra crayons, markers, etc. for stocking stuffers at Christmas.

Cardamom said...

HAHAHA!! I *just* bought 50 of these last night, and I will probably buy more before the week's out. And even if your children have binders - these can just be popped in there.

Funny thing, I didn't get any comments last night. One man said something about we shouldn't run out of paper, but that was it. Maybe everyone was scared seeing the 9 pencil cases in different colors, and the hundreds of pencils...

Jennifer said...

Last year K-mart had 70 page spiral bound notebooks for 9 cents each. I bought 10 for me, 10 for my mom, and 10 for my aunt. Gotta spread the bargain love!

JenT said...

Oh, we do the same. But we get the single subject ones that don't have the perforation for .05 each. Each child has their own color and we label them according to subject. Love those cheap notebooks!

SJL~ said...

What a great deal! I'm going to have to go pick some up!

Brenda said...

AND I keep meaning to go back and get some of those for note-taking and little one's doodling during church. I could load up for the year for a few bucks! Thanks for the reminder. The spirals at Walgreens are like $2.50!

Nicki said...

Everytime I am at WalMart I grab about 10 of those notebooks. We find a way to use them all year. My girls like to decorate the covers with scrapbook papers and give them to friends. It's a great deal that I just can't pass up!

The Lockwood Family said...

I miss walmart!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Great tip! Thanks so much for sharing. I also read on someone else's blog that Target has 4 packs of 1 subject notebooks for 60 cents. That is 15 cents per notebook, if you prefer your paper bound.


Stop by my blog and visit me!

Nikki said...

I am seriously considering getting myself discharged from the hospital so I can head to WalMart and load up on notebooks and other school supplies.

Just yesterday I was telling Danny about how I won't have time to get ready before the school year starts. Either I'll still be on bedrest or I'll have brand-new twins. *sigh*

I always love your tips for homeschooling. Thanks!

Jenny said...

I've found the school supplies are so much more expensive this year. Last year those same notebooks were only 5 cents. I bought tons of them!

Kelly said...

I have family members help out to find the cheapest price. I tell them to pick up a few of anything less than 10 cents. Then it almost become like a game on who can find the cheapest school supplies. Great tip!

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