Friday, August 7, 2009

Apron Winner!

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Y'all will never believe what name the random number generator chose to win my apron. It was the comment left by Annabel, THE ONLY COMMENTER WHO DID NOT LEAVE HER EMAIL ADDRESS!

Annabel, you are a very naughty girl, but I will give you 24 hours to repent of your mistake and contact me to claim your apron.

I went ahead and let the random number generator choose another number and it is one of my very favorite commenters!

So, be sure to check back here to see whether Annabel will claim her apron or whether she will walk the earth for the rest of her days with the shame of being apronless knowing that someone else will claim what was once destined to be hers.

Tune in tomorrow on "As the Smockity Sews".


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

no, no, no, you cannot toy with me like that!!! That is cruel!!!! Is it wrong of me to hope that Anabel doesn't check the computer for the next 24 hours? Because... well, I covet that apron.

Lene said...

That depends....are you one of her favorites????

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