Monday, July 27, 2009

More Gross Pictures

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MaddieLynn has been practicing the "bokeh" technique she learned from The Pioneer Woman Photography site.

I think she did an excellent job on these. (Click on each photo for close ups. God does AMAZING detail work!)

Those little suckers are bendy.

This would be my favorite if, you know, I had a favorite picture of a fat slug.

What do you think?


Cardamom said...

Ew. I mean, pretty! They are beautiful, in a certain light. This also explains why I had one horn worm that looked different. It was a tobacco horn worm! Of course, I didn't look at it very long before I had one of the boys pluck it off and feed it to the fish!

Brenda said...

Really great pictures of a really interesting creature. That's what I think. :)

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