Friday, July 31, 2009

Keeping On

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Have you ever felt like giving up? No? Then I won't tell you that we are STILL trying to finish up some math before it is time to dive into the new school year.

Our math curriculum for the new school year arrived just yesterday and I felt a little defeated that it is nearly August and we are STILL chugging along on work from the last school year.

It turns out moving across the state in October with seven children takes a toll on daily schedules. Plus, there's the whole Never Been Involved in a Homeschool Group Before, So She Signs Up For Every Activity Under the Sun syndrome that kept us going to too many field trips and doing too little actual school work. Which we have been paying for all summer.

That's why I was so glad I came across this article today:
"What Keeps You Going When You Want to Quit?"

Now, excuse me while I go read it fourteen more times.

And then make a list.

And then do some math.


Brenda on the S OR Coast said...

Hi Connie! I don't know what curriculum you use, but I learned from my Robinson Curriculum group that about the first third of most math books is review, since kids who take the summer off need to be reminded of what they learned the year before. If you keep doing math through the summer, your students might be able to "test through" the first several chapters of the following year's curriculum.

I hope that might provide a nugget of encouragement! Hang in there!

JenT said...

I've heard the same thing as what Brenda said. I've also heard that the last third of the school year is all about review too. Just to make you feel a little better, we go pretty much year around and we are still working on it too. :)

Kim said...

Oh girl I hear you!!! When we take days off I almost always have to make them do math because we ran into the same situation year before last.

We leave it behind for vacation but even field trip days I have really tried to get in math before we leave. We actually finished early this year and what a breather that was!!!

Trench Mommy said...

Keep on keeping on! You'll make it! BTW...I'm a homeschool grad. Never spent a day outside the home for schooling.

Smockity Frocks said...

Thank you for the encouragement, ladies!

Amy said...

We moved in Oct, also, and are still trying to finish up some schoolwork, also. Ugh.... And that math.... After a while, I just need a break and throw in the towel. There is always this next coming year! Hang in there!

Jenn said...

thank you for writing this. i am in the same boat, sorry i didn't see you rowing over there. i had my head hung low with embarrassment. thanks for your honest post and link. i soooooo needed this today.
thanks connie,

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