Monday, June 8, 2009

Kids Being Un-Bored

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Remember how I told you that my children are good at keeping themselves entertained? I thought I'd give you a little photo tour of what I was talking about. Be warned. Some of these are more impressive than others.

This is how a 12 year old boy fixes his baby sister's hair.

Here is our Katie Bug enjoying a sweet little girl who comes with her mommy to our weekly Bible study.

MaddieLynn found this aquarium and stand on Craig's List. She offered $50 for it and when she went with her dad to pick it up, the owner admitted that is was leaky. It was immediately evident anyway since the stand was completely covered with rust. She ended up getting the whole setup for free and spent many hours resealing the tank and sanding and painting the stand.

This is what happens when a 7 year old gets hold of the camera. It's a piece of cheese in case you couldn't tell, and there were several shots exactly like this one on my camera card.

I have no idea. At least she wasn't bored.


jennifer said...

Funny kiddos! I was just thinking today that I wished y'all still lived next door. The kids would have fun playing together this summer!

Meliss said...

Hmmm...Interesting how the truth about the aquarium set-up came out and the price came down when MaddieLynn's dad accompanied her to buy it!

Pat's Place said...

Nice ways to be entertained. I don't remember exactly how mine entertained themselves, but sometimes I think it was best NOT to KNOW!!

Amy said...

Ha! I love the cheese!
I also love all MaddieLynn's hard work... I hope my kids will be 'unbored' like that when they are older!

Mommy Cracked said...

Actually, the cheese shot isn't all that bad! :)

Linz said...

That aquarium is impressive! I had no idea it was that big. She looks so proud too, I love that picture. :) And being an avid eater of cheese slices when I was little, I very much appreciate that last photo. :)

Therese said...

Love the cheese. We have several shots of random items around the house- shoes up close is the current favorite. :))

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

Oh, I am so desperate for a bible study you do yours in homes with your does that go for ya if so??? I would love to hear how that works out..any ideas or tips on that you could share would be so helpful. I am thinking of somehow starting up my own....I just dont know how I could do it with my kiddos.

Smockity Frocks said...

My husband leads the Bible study and the children are all seated with the adults in our living room.

We put out a few quiet baby toys for the little ones.

We sing a few songs and the children get the chance to request their favorites. During the lesson, my husband may ask a few questions specifically for the children to answer.

Sometimes we have to remind them to be quiet and listen, but I think it is great training.

Holly said...

Loved the picture of Katie-Bug and the girl. So sweet! :)

A Hopeful Hollar said...

Thank you so much for sharing these sweet pictures! My favorite is the girls kissing. :-) So sweet!

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