Monday, May 4, 2009

Party Time

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Sunday, after church, our congregation had a potluck to welcome visitors and new members. I agreed to bring two dishes, chicken spaghetti and homemade biscuits, which I prepared early that morning.

While we were there, I noticed there were two new families, so I invited them to our evening Bible study and made a mental note to prepare extra food for them.

Before that, though, there was the business of a very special girl turning five years old. Look carefully at the photo and you will notice something out of the ordinary.

We invited people.

People who did not spring forth from my loins came to the party! Around here, that only happens if someone is turning five, ten, or fifteen, so it was quite the event.

MaddieLynn made the cake.

We never watch Dora the Explorer and I don't allow her to check out Dora library books, mostly because they are ridiculously written, but partly because I hate the way that little brat tries to sneak Spanish in under the radar and I think it's creepy the way she talks to her backpack.

Not only does my girl embarrass me in the library by asking VERY LOUDLY, "Mommy, whyyyyy do you hate Dora?", but that little stinker is very difficult to brainwash! The birthday girl picked out Dora the Explorer invitations and a Dora the Explorer pinata!

(Note to self: Step up the anti-Dora indoctrination.)

Immediately after the party wrapped up, we began preparing to serve sandwiches, chips, and drinks to 21.

I had known it was going to be a busy day, so I may have overdone it on the caffeine.

Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to take a li'l nap for a few days.


the momma said...

your Dora tale reminds me....
When my big kids were little (now 16, 21 & 22) I wouldn't EVER let them have 'character' stuff ~ they are now jealous, because the little boys (4 & 5) have SPIDERMAN shoes AND hoodies.
Such is life.
good luck on the campaign :-)

Lene said...

LOL - my mother gave us some DORA books one year - I hated them. I could hear her voice in my head every time I read them and they were all exactly the same thing. I snuck them out of the house...sshhhh don't tell.
Love the party pics - can't believe she is 5. Cute as a button though.

Raising Olives said...

Ha ha ha! Yes, the character indoctrination.

Our two year old recently took a trip to the hospital for an injured foot. After 2 hours of Sponge Bob in the waiting room, which I didn't think he was watching because we were playing with Silly Putty, he now LOVES and recognizes Sponge Bob!?!

Oh no! What if he wants a Sponge Bob party. Oh wait, we only do a party when they turn 10, so he may outgrow it by then, maybe.


Bethanie said...

Happy Birthday!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday from me, too. :)

Very cute post, Connie...sounds like a very busy day too! Wish I'd been there...

Nikki said...

It's the head-shape that bothers me the most. And the bizarre time-delays. "Quick, crazy squirrel only speaks Spanish. We have to say 'abre' so he'll open the gate." Surely by then the wagon would've smashed the gate and the sneaky fox would've swiped half the show.

We do birthday parties with friends at 4, 8, 12, and 16. So, I need to start planning a party for Bun who will be 4 in two months. Ham turns 2 a week from today, but he's only getting a $1 ball from Wal-Mart and a homemade birthday cake. We'll probably play "Duck, Duck, Goose." I'm not feeling especially motivated to do much these days while being homeless. lol

By the way, I had to laugh at Kimberly's comment about Sponge Bob. My kids recognize it by seeing it at the doctor's office and it printed all over shirts, shoes, umbrellas and stuff at Wal-Mart. But I almost always feel the need to say, "No, they have NEVER watched it on t.v." to protect my mothering status. haha Like when an 11-month old wants a bag of Skittles at the checkout because the bag is red and shiny. He doesn't have any idea that something sweet is in it. He just knows it's shiny and happy looking. I feel the need to blurt out, "My baby does not have any experience with candy. He just likes bright colors." ramble over

The Texas 5! said...

hahahaha! your blog always make me laugh/smile :)
I do agree on the anti-Dora thing, I can't stand her!
Hope your day goes well!

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