Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bible Bowl Throw Down

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We just wrapped up our weekend trip to the hotel where the Bible Bowl competition took place.

It was amazing and a little overwhelming to see so many children and adults in one place who had come to practice their knowledge of the word of God or sing praises to Him or show their song leading and oral Bible reading skills.

Here is the Bible Bowl portion of the weekend. There are approximately 2.5 million children in this room. I counted.

Here are my oldest two in the midst of what will henceforth be known as The Bible Bowl Throw Down.

We are so very proud of them. They each missed only a handful of questions (six and three) out of the 100 they were given, even though they were competing in the Sr. High division and they are only in 6th and 8th grades!

They both spent hours studying and there were a few times one or both became discouraged with it. We thought that maybe they would opt not to participate in Bible Bowl next year and we were ready to let them make that decision.

Imagine how thrilled we were, when, as soon as the three hour test session ended and they both proclaimed excitedly, "I want to do it again next year!"


Kara said...

Awesome!! Tell them congratulations for me:)

Harmony said...

Connie, who was sponsoring the event? It wasn't Lads to Leaders, was it?

(and if it was, you'd better not have gone to the Atlanta one and not let us know you were going to be down our way!! ;-)

Smockity Frocks said...

It is LTC, Leadership Traning for Christ. The one in our area has around 6,000 children participating in 3 different hotels. There are also events in OK, CA, IN, AZ,and AR. I'm not sure where else.

Here is a link.

Amy said...

Wow - what a great experience!
High fives to your oldest two. :)

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