Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Jokes

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Here is an entire website dedicated to April Fool's Day. No foolin'!

Then, be sure to read my list of April Fool's precautions. You may still be able to save yourself from a blast of water to the face.

And that reminds me of my finest hour in April Fool history.

One year, many moons ago, I sewed all my husband's underwear together, end to end, so when he pulled one out of the drawer, they all came billowing out, like a fantastic undie banner.

It was a thing of beauty to behold.


Bethanie said...

Thats hilarious! I'm thinking of some kind of joke for my husband right now...

Noel said...

that is too funny, but knowing my husband, I'd get it back plus some :)

Mindee@oufrontdoor said...

That took some serious time and planning. I'm sure the look on his face was worth it though.

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