Sunday, March 15, 2009

Human Embryos Are "Unfertilized"?!

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This is out of the range of fathomable! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't heard it for myself!

Human embryos referred to as "unfertilized"? Okaaaaaaay... I can't even wrap my mind around how anyone thinks that could possibly make sense.

Note to former President Clinton, with all due respect: The only thing keeping those embryos from "becoming human beings" is human intervention!!! AT THE COST OF TAX PAYERS!!!



Meliss said...

Yes, I saw this last week and posted it on Facebook, getting very little reaction. Either Clinton is ignorant or he is intentionally deceiving people that he thinks are stupid enough to buy that embryos are unfertilized. And there sits the Pres.'s 1st choice for surgeon general letting him go uncorrected. Shameful is right.

Christi said...

Well in his defence, he needed a definition of the word "is" so he isn't that bright anyway.

The really shamefull thing is the number of people that will think he is right. I guess they think that human eggs are like chicken eggs.

Kim said...
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Kim said...

People are generally quite gullible and especially in these areas that are outside of their comfort zone.

It is shameful and there are a growing number of so-called conservatives who take no position on this ... which is not really possible, is it?

alecat said...

I'm in shock! In fact, I can't think of any suitable words to describe how angry that makes me about how leadership is abused.

JenIG said...

wow, that cartoon is simply... wow. and yes, it twists my stomache to hear Obama say things like, he's now 'ended the political debate on abortion'. As if he's able to just declare it's no longer an issue and the rest of us now agree.


Raising Olives said...

I think that the American people are just too happy to "believe" that these are not precious human beings. They don't care and so are willing to close their eyes and allow others to say,"It's not viable/fertilized/whatever". It makes them feel better about not really doing anything to stop abortion.

In the last election we did not have a pro-life candidate running for president in either of the main parties. Shame on US!

Thanks for posting this.


Lisa Beth W. said...

Gah! I'm going to write to that man and call him on the carpet! That is shameful, indeed!

Shari said...! He really is daft and uneducated or is it ignorant? Shame! I dont' know what else to say. It makes me sad, but livid at the same time!

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