Thursday, March 12, 2009

Animal Farm Chapter One

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In Chapter One, we discover that the animals at Animal Farm are dissatisfied with their treatment.

"Major", the old pig, calls a meeting to encourage them to throw off the rule of humans and strive to run the farm themselves. He introduces the new idea that all of the animals should treat each other as equals.

When some rats appear at the meeting and the dogs begin a chase, Major chastises them and a vote is taken, which results in an agreement by all to treat anything on four legs or with wings as a friend.

During the meeting we see the different personalities of the animals. Some are grumpy (Benjamin), some are compassionate (Clover), some are dull minded, but hard working (Boxer), and some are dishonest (the cat).


I read this book with my husband, MaddieLynn (almost 14) and The Bubba (12). We had some very interesting discussions during the reading of it, and it is still much discussed, especially when discussing the politics of the day.

While I was reading this, I was thinking about our own American Revolution. I know this wasn't the intended message of the book, but I couldn't help comparing how the animals wanted to rule themselves with how the American colonists revolted against British rule.

The animals had a valid complaint about the farmer's treatment of them and decided that no matter the cost or how long it took, they would strive for self rule, much like the colonists.

I kept thinking of this comparison all throughout the book when I saw how far the animals drifted from their original plan.


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Barbara Curtis said...

Connie -

I hadn't thought of it in terms of the American Revolution. But that comparison does show how basing a revolution on proper principles - and God - helps ensure its safety. And how straying form those principles leaves us vulnerable to a worldly collapse.


Jennifer Merkel said...

That is so interesting! I think that from the first use of the word "Comrade" I stopped looking in other directions for a sense of the story.
I just always think "Communism/Socialism"
Thanks for that insight!

Shari said...

This was one of my favorite books in school. When I start homeschooling again this coming fall I will have my oldest son read it as part of lit. Your points are very interesting. I will be pondering!

Jen said...

what about the snake? Just because he doesn't have four legs or wings, would he be left out of the governing? Just sayin'...

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