Monday, February 16, 2009

A Trip to the Wildlife Park

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We had a fabulous time at the wildlife park.

I knew we were getting in free through some connections at church, but I had thought we would drive our own van through the trails to see the animals. When we got there, though, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that we would get to go on a guided tour!

Our guide told us lots of fascinating information about the animals as we went along, and he even got us into the "employee only" areas so we got to get up close and personal with some cranky rhinos.

We had been warned to be very quiet, no sudden movements, no flash photography, because the rhinos were capable of becoming aggressive and violent. Sure enough, after we were in there for a few minutes, one big fellow decided he'd had enough of us and started huffing and bumping against the bars.

We hightailed it out of there pretty fast! It's amazing how BIG they are!

The guide told us a story of how one of the keepers got out of his vehicle to attend to something on the grounds and found himself being circled by one of these antelope/deer thingies. (I missed the scientific name on account of wrestling an angel for the majority of the bus ride.)

He knew he couldn't make it back to his truck, so he ran toward a tree and almost made it before being head butted and lifted into the air by the animal. He was thinking that he had escaped injury when he noticed his hands were wet... with blood! It turned out he had been gored through the leg and back!

The purpose of this story was to stress that even though some of the animals look friendly, they are still wild, and it is foolish to consider them harmless.

Here is a zebra that came right up to the bus to eat some of the animal food the kids were given to throw out.

Isn't it amazing how God designed them so beautifully?

I thought these deery antelore creatures (again with the angel wrestling) were gorgeous. Look at those eyes! (Click to enlarge.) They reminded me of Cindy Lou Who in a Dr. Suess book.

Here we are overlooking the entire park. We had a wonderful time enjoying God's beautiful creation!


Pat's Place said...

And who was this angel you were wrestling? I believe there is a story lurking somewhere in those comments.

Kim said...

We visited this same park (FR?) about 10 years ago when my girls were little! We don't have anything like that nearby here in VA but it is such a neat experience to be so close to the animals :)

Holly said...

You actually wear coats in Texas? Wow! Somehow, I picture you all always wearing sandals and t-shirts all year.

Looks like you had a fund time!

Smockity Frocks said...

Mrs. F, No story, except that the baby wants her bed when she's sleepy, and she didn't understand WHY I wouldn't get up and put her in it. So, she squirmed and bucked and arched and bounced to try to give me the message.

Kim, That's the one!

Holly, I'll email you a pic of MaddieLynn knee deep in snow. The first year we lived in our former town it snowed 8 in. on my son's birthday! (He had prayed for snow.) Most of the state doesn't get that cold and some parts probably DO wear sandals and t-shirts all year.

karen b said...

shorts and t-shirts season is pretty much from march to november around here; and jackson probably won't see 8 inches of snow again!

Smockity Frocks said...

Karen, It would be best for you if I don't let the kiddies see your comment. They are all still mad at me because I sold their sleds and snow boots before we moved. I can take it, but their wrath might be too much for you to bear...

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